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Wedding Cake x Tropicanna Cookies F1

by Oni Seed co

Sun, sea, and sand are all well and good, but why not make Beach Wedding – a tasty indica-dominant seed type from the strain hunters at the Oni Seeds company – your next one-stop destination for rest and relaxation?

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Beach Wedding Strain Genetics

Beach Wedding regular cannabis seeds are a carefully selected crossbreed that combine two elite strains of the modern cannabis world. With special permission from Seed Junky Genetics, the Oni Seed Co have blended together Wedding Cake – a monstrous Triangle Mints medley from the aforementioned seeds company – with their own Tropicanna Cookies F1 strain. 

The combination of Tangie, Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies genetics has resulted in a seed type of the highest quality. Growers can expect a quick flowering time, deep purple colours, and an explosive production of resin from this voracious cannabis strain. Available as regular seeds only, this heavy-handed, high THC hybrid makes a welcome addition to the MGS seed bank.

Beach Wedding Strain Terpene Profile

Wedding Cake and Tropicanna Cookies F1 are both prominent members of the GSC family, and as such, Beach Wedding exhibits many of the same aromatic qualities. A mixture of limonene, humulene, and caryophyllene terpenes lend the strain a delicious aroma of warm spice and freshly baked cookie dough, punctuated by subtle orange flavours and a smooth, earthy base.

Sweet earthy and peppery flavours usually associated with OG Kush can also be found, but for those seeking a new dimension to the classic Cookies flavour, Beach Wedding cannabis seeds should be your next port of call.

Beach Wedding Strain Effects

A mix of indica and sativa DNA has given Beach Wedding a range of stimulating effects, despite its largely indica-dominant nature. Users can expect a focused and uplifting experience, characterised by happy thoughts and creative inspiration before a numbing physical sensation plunges the body into relaxation mode.     

Like it’s Wedding Cake mother plant, Beach Wedding has a very high THC content, so a double-dose of care should be taken when indulging. Offering an extended mini-break from the stresses of the modern world, why pay for a sunny vacation when Beach Wedding cannabis seeds from Oni Seeds co can deliver holiday bliss from the comfort of your couch?  

Beach Wedding Strain Medical Benefits

High levels of limonene terpenes are chiefly responsible for the happy and uplifting effects that Beach Wedding is known to inspire. Beyond their recreational use, these qualities also have powerful medicinal properties and can offer relief from the symptoms of stress and depression.

Caryophyllene can also help ease pain and inflammation, making these medical seeds great from treating the musculoskeletal pain caused by conditions like arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia.

How to Grow Beach Wedding Strain

Beach Wedding, like most Oni Seeds original marijuana strains, has been bred with extraction in mind and delivers exceptionally well in this regard. Beach Wedding is easy to grow in any environment, but requires some defoliation to manage its fan-like leaf growth. However, cultivators can expect an indica typical growth pattern and plenty of dark purple hues from this resinous marijuana strain, which borrows many of its qualities from its Tropicanna Cookies parent plant. 

Delivering average to high yields with a reasonably quick flowering time, Beach Wedding regular cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for newcomers or a welcome new addition to a professional’s private seed bank.