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SSSC M69 x Papaya

by Oni Seed co

Afghan Peach is a super stinky but deliciously potent indica-dominant hybrid of the highest quality. A tasty collision of old school and new from the breeders at Oni Seeds, Afghan Peach feminised seeds are reserved for true cannabis connoisseurs. 

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Afghan Peach Strain Genetics

Using the highest quality American genetics, the Oni Seeds company have created a truly special breed of feminized cannabis seed that blends the best aspects of old and new strains to provide a fantastic new addition to the MGS Seeds bank. 

A combination of SSSC M69 – a specially chosen Afghan landrace selection from the now-defunct Super Sativa Seed Club – and the totally tropical Papaya, Afghan Peach encapsulates the physical effects of the former and the latter’s fruity aesthetic in a single easy to grow and highly resinous indica-dominant marijuana strain.

Afghan Peach Strain Terpene Profile

Afghan Peach exhibits an unusual array of aromas and flavours, ranging from fruity to funky. A sweet odour of rotting earth combines with pleasantly fruity scents of melon and peaches, which are particularly strong when the plant is at mid-bloom.

These tropical essences carry over to the strain’s enticing flavour where Papaya’s influence is especially heavy, providing it with a juicy sweetness and lingering exotic accents on the exhale. This busy profile – primarily the product of myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene terpenes – is ideal for fans of fruity flavours and that characteristic earthy funk that comes only with Afghan landrace strains like SSSC M69.    

Afghan Peach Strain Effects

One for those chasing the ultimate indica experience, Afghan Peach is primarily designed by the Oni Seeds co for relaxation purposes and will quickly send consumers into a pleasantly sedating body buzz. Combined with a dreamy cerebral high that fogs the mind, these physical effects come courtesy of the strain’s Afghan genetics and its high THC level.   

While delicious and addictive, this dessert strain might just put you in a sugar coma and, as such, Afghan Peach is best saved for after dinner. Perhaps a little too intense for novice users, indica lovers and cannabis connoisseurs will get the most out of these feminized seeds.

Afghan Peach Strain Medical Benefits

SSSC M69’s Afghan landrace genetics are about as pure and potent as they come, making it, along with its descendants, ideal for medical marijuana patients. Afghan Peach is particularly useful for treating chronic pain, as pinene and caryophyllene are both said to be highly effective in this area. 

Myrcene is also known as a potent appetite stimulant and sleep aid, and combined with the sedating effects of THC, makes this strain an ideal choice for those looking for an alternative treatment for insomnia.

How to Grow Afghan Peach Strain

Afghan Peach marijuana seeds exhibit typical indica growth characteristics meaning they require less space than the average sativa strain, making them ideal for a greenhouse or indoor set-up. Producing short, stocky plants, which can branch wildly if not maintained, but are otherwise resilient and easy to grow, these marijuana seeds are great for newcomers to the world of cannabis cultivation.

Its pungent aroma means ventilation is advised if growing indoors, but these feminized seeds, which follow closely in the footsteps of their Afghan parent plant, will adapt to almost any grow environment. With a quick flowering time of 9-10 weeks, hefty yields of 500g/m2, and a resin content that’s through the roof, you’ll be feeling pleasantly peachy about your growing experience with Afghan Peach strain seeds.