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Original Power Plant x White Widow

by Nirvana

Powerful by name, powerful by nature: this potent and flavoursome indica-dominant hybrid strain from Nirvana Seeds is a wonderful mixture of strong landraces, that offers the best of both sativa and indica effects. 

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Pure Power Plant Genetics

Part South African Sativa, part North American Indica, Pure Power Plant from Nirvana Seeds combines the focused and creative head-high of the former, with the delectable and tingly body-buzz of the latter to create an unforgettable indica-dominant hybrid. Its genetics hail from two other great Nirvana strains, Original Power Plant and White Widow; both tasty and strong characters.

Pure Power Plant Terpene Profile

Pure Power Plant is not meant to be too overpowering aroma wise in the grow, but the resulting bud itself is fairly pungent. You will get a strong smell of musk; earthy and herbal likely caused by the presence of both myrcene and pinene. On top of that, you may get orange citrus notes, vanilla or wood coming through. There is a distinctly piney aftertaste and a smooth finish to the flavour.

Pure Power Plant Effects

Used in light doses Pure Power Plant can be a secret weapon for powering through your day with energy and enthusiasm; thanks to its part sativa ancestry. However, as soon as you up the dose, you realize that this strain’s definitely an indica at heart. High doses slow you right down and can induce couch lock and snoozing. Useful if you can only grow one or two plants but still want variety within the effect.

Medical Benefits Pure Power Plant

Nirvana says THC in Pure Power Plant is high, with some indications suggesting an average around 20%. THC at that level is good for aiding pain relief, especially of conditions such as headaches, migraines, and aching muscles. The initial sativa rush from Pure Power Plant could be ideal for those looking to microdose in the daytime. The body-buzz is meant to be deep and pleasant, and felt very tangibly in the face; a useful trait perhaps if
you are trying to ease neuralgia. CBD indicators are medium, so there is a nice calming effect on the indica side too.

How to Grow Pure Power Plant

Available in both regular and feminised seeds, Pure Power Plant grows short, fat and bushy and is fairly compact and fast to flower, in about eight to ten weeks. Pure Power Plant is good for beginner growers as it’s both hardy and vigorous, so can take a few knocks along the way as you experiment. For more experienced growers a SOG setup can work well, and under ideal conditions, should give you a high yield of light green, sticky bud with plenty of orange hair.