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Citral #13 x Ice #2

by Nirvana

Citral #13 x Ice #2 got together and produced Papaya. Nirvana’s fruity little beauty tastes amazing and has a substantially high THC content upwards of 20%. Indica-leaning, but with very sativa-like effects, this hybrid strain as something to offer every kind of cannabis enthusiast.

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Papaya cannabis strain genetics

Nirvana wanted to produce something akin to the classic Mango strains of the ’60s. They crossed Citral #13 x Ice #2 and came up with its tropical cousin, Papaya. There is both Jock Horror and Skunk # 1 in the genetic heritage there. An indica-leaning hybrid, Papaya brings lovely balanced effects and flavour to die for.

Papaya strain terpene profile

This strain is bursting with Papaya flavour, of course. But not just that. Though the aroma is pure Papaya, very tropical, rich and fruity, in the flavour the fruit is taken over by a wonderful, peppery, almost whiskey/guava like aftertaste on the exhale. This strain is very popular with cannaisseurs for this exact reason. 

Papaya cannabis strain Effects 

A wonderfully balanced effect from Papaya. You will get a sativa-like cerebral rush, euphoric and uplifting before deepening into a very calm, soothing body-high. Enjoy these effects to the full-on days when you don’t need to go anywhere. This strain may also make you feel happy and chatty – so be in good company where you can speak your mind freely.

Medical Benefits Papaya strain

Papaya is a very popular strain among medical users in the U.S. Largely thanks to her fantastic cannabinoid profile. She has a full 1% CBN which is linked to a reduction in spasmodic symptoms; the kind associated with conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, spasticity and MS.

She also has 0.17% CBD, thought to be good for helping reduce inflammation and anxiety, as it induces a sense of calm and groundedness. And with a whopping 20% or more THC (25% has been recorded!) she should be excellent for pain relief, especially the kind associated with headaches, neuralgia or migraines. Other medical users have reported benefits from everything from cramps to lack of appetite to insomnia. Novices should take it slowly though as Papaya is certainly potent. 

How to Grow Papaya cannabis seeds

Papaya is a little red-haired wonder. When flowering it will produce masses of pistils that will ripen into sparkly, golden hairs. Dense, sticky and resinous this is a bud that you will enjoy harvesting. Convenient for indoor growing, as this hybrid stays pretty short. Papaya does produce heavy colas but needs support, as the stems aren’t the thickest or strongest. Nirvana recommends extra potassium (especially for those growing in coco or hydro). Papaya is quick to flower in 9 – 10 weeks and is hardy and disease resistant, but you will need to have had some growing practice to get optimal results. Very suitable for SOG.