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Afghani #1 x Thai

by Nirvana

If you haven’t heard of Northern Light, it’s time to open your eyes and bask in its shine. Nirvana Seeds used Afghan genetics when perfecting this pure indica, making her a true classic. She yields generously in relation to her height and doesn’t disappoint on flavor. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, consider Northern Light your new best friend.

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Northern Light Strain Genetics

By selecting only the best Afghani indicas, Nirvana Seeds ensured they’d have another legend in their selection of strains. Northern Light is technically a hybrid that is overwhelmingly indica in both her effect and taste. If you’re a fan of true indica strains, Northern Light should be your choice for your next grow.

Northern Light Strain Terpene Profile

There’s a reason why Northern Light has achieved so much notoriety. Her flavour is the perfect combination of spicy and sweet without becoming too overwhelming. The aroma of Northern Light burning is like a chicory barbecue; you’ll want to gather your friends around to enjoy its sultry charm.

Northern Light Strain Effects

Staying true to her indica form, Northern Light delivers a heavy body-stoned sensation that can make your body feel heavy and numb while your head feels sleepy. Perfect if you’re looking to relax and unwind.

Medical Benefits Northern Light Strain

If you struggle with insomnia, high dosages of Northern Light may help alleviate the symptoms. This is due to the compounding effect of this strain which will help you become more tired as you smoke more. Remember to take small increments gradually overtime to avoid over medicating.

How to Grow Northern Light Strain

Available in both autoflowering and feminized seeds, Northern Light has to be one of the most grower-friendly strains out there. Northern Light is one of the original indoor strains, and almost all indoor strains have some Northern Light in their genetics.

She doesn’t grow very tall and does not give off a strong smell while flowering, making her a great option for a discreet grow. Although Northern Light is compact in size, she has an extra-large yield, especially when grown in a SOG setup.