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Mexican Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk #1

by Nirvana

There is no school like the old school…and Jock Horror is the headmaster. With an unbelievable potency compared to modern day strains, 24% THC may be a bit more shock horror than Jock Horror for newbies. More experienced smokers with an affinity for cerebral kicks, proceed if you dare!

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Jock Horror Strain Genetics

Jock Horror is a blast from the past with true pre-1990 genetics. Nirvana has re-released this lady after she gained massive popularity during the 1980’s. A three-way hybrid of Mexican Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk #1, Jock Horror is a 60% sativa dominant plant that will produce a variety of phenotypes.

Jock Horror Strain Terpene Profile

The aroma of Jock Horror is a mixture of fruity, soft, berry, sweet notes, combined with a sharp, musky background. Once firing up a well-rolled blunt, Jock Horror brings a sweet herbal mix of berries and earthy, hash-like flavours. A very delightful and fragrant strain, with a scent that could even entice the non-smoker.

Jock Horror Strain Effects

Thanks to her 60% sativa influence, Jock Horror will initially have the user feeling happy, sociable, invigorated and focused. A surge of creativity and motivation is likely to have you powering through your daily tasks. After a few joints, users will feel the indica side of Jock Horror begin to take over, relaxing the entire body.

A well-balanced strain that has a calming effect over a more extended period. Jock Horror is a perfect strain for those who do not want a heavy indica, or racy sativa head high. Enjoy while completing daily tasks or while having an evening giggling with friends.

Medical Benefits Jock Horror Strain

Jock Horror is a well-balanced hybrid offering multiple benefits. Thanks to Jock Horror’s sativa dominance, users can expect to feel uplifted and happy; this may benefit persons suffering from symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression.

Meanwhile, Jock Horror’s 40% indica genetics and medium-high in CBD can soothe and calm inflammation. Persons with eye disease Glaucoma may find that Jock Horror can help alleviate symptoms, thanks to her ability to reduce swelling.

How to Grow Jock Horror Strain

Jock Horror is a sativa-leaning hybrid that grows with sativa qualities. Growers can expect Jock Horror to grow tall and produce a significant yield. When in the growing phase, she will remain low, yet when flowered will stretch around 250%, resulting in a medium, tall plant.

It is recommended to grow Jock Horror as a uniform Sea of Green, or as a SCROG set up. A very reliable and robust plant that performs very well outdoors and in hot climates.

Depending on phenotypes, Jock Horror will be ready to harvest between 63-77 days, where she can produce buds as high as 24% THC.