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Bubble Gum

by Nirvana

Similar to the American version, Nirvana Seed’s Bubblelicious is an indica-heavy hybrid that yields an extraordinary amount of bud. The taste is sticky-sweet and when smoked gives the user a strong body-high that banishes negative thoughts and replaces them with uplifting ones instead.

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Bubblelicious Strain Genetics

Bubblelicious is closely related to the American strain Bubble Gum (Big Bud x Skunk#1) but has been improved, tried, and tested by Nirvana Seeds in the Netherlands. She’s a true indica hybrid that leans 60/40 and boasts higher CBD levels than THC, which are still reasonably high.

Bubblelicious Strain Terpene Profile

This is the strain for flavor fanatics. Citrus and bubblegum are the strongest, but as an indica, she retains a slight earthiness as well. Buds smell remarkably close to Bubble Gum when smoked but distinguish themselves through their smooth, skunky, almost cotton-candy tasting smoke.

Bubblelicious Strain Effects

The strong indica vibes in Bubblelicious shine through in her effect. You’ll feel couch-locked but mentally uplifted and clear-headed. If you’re artistic, Bubblelicious is an excellent supplement to your usual activities and may even lend a new perspective to writer’s block via her inspiring high.

Medical Benefits Bubblelicious Strain

The high CBD levels in Bubblelicious could provide a buffer for users that suffer from depression, chronic stress, or anxiety. Bubblelicious boasts a much higher CBD content than it does THC and therefore typically does not produce unwanted paranoid symptoms in users. Bubblelicious could help if you’re looking for a supplement to boost your mood and forget your worries for a moment.

How to Grow Bubblelicious Seeds

Bubblelicious can be grown indoors or outdoors by any level of experience. Her yield is the highest when grown indoors using a SOG method. When grown in colder climates certain phenotypes may produce incredible buds with a purple or baby-pink hue.

Plants will retain a classic indica shape, short and stocky with long lateral branches. Similar to her smoke, Bubblelicious produces a strong, sweet smell during the growing process. This is easily solved with additional air filters.