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Black Domina x Jock Horror

by Nirvana

Ready for a mellow toke with mildly numbing effects that won’t leave you couch-locked? Blackjack can deliver. This is a versatile sativa hybrid strain that mentally energizes as it relaxes, making it a definite candidate for your next grow. Most suitable for growers with experience.

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Blackjack Strain Genetics

Nirvana Seeds’ Blackjack is the result of two legendary strains, Black Domina x Jock Horror. Using the American Black Domina clone, Nirvana Seeds crossbred their own Jock Horror to create this knockout. Blackjack’s excellent genetics make for a well-balanced 70/30 sativa that won’t disappoint in yield or effect.

Blackjack Strain Effects

Blackjack is a sativa that’ll disperse tension with waves of relaxation. She gives you the ability to chill while remaining productive. You’ll find that Blackjack’s head-high will give you a jolt of creative energy to contemplate your day ahead (or the one you’ve just had) while the THC will leave a tingling feeling all over your body.

Blackjack Strain Terpene Profile

Blackjack is like a dark roast coffee; smokey and robust, full and spicy. You’ll feel like you’re sitting around a campfire with the smell of pine trees and burning wood all around you. She’s a very aromatic strain that has the essence of a well-mellowed tobacco, pairing well with whiskey on the rocks.

Medical Benefits Blackjack Strain

The high THC, CBD, and CBN levels in Blackjack have attracted attention for their potential to help relieve pain. Her THC content has an analgesic effect on users in high dosages. The CBD and CBN in Blackjack can reduce inflammation and consequently pain.

Due to the potency of this strain, it’s recommended for experienced smokers and medical patients. Blackjack can be a useful as an alternative for those taking prescription painkillers or as a supplement to existing medications. 

How to Grow Blackjack Seeds

If you’re a beginner, Blackjack may not be for you (yet). Nirvana’s Blackjack is feminized so the result should be female plants almost every time. She will flower in 9-11 weeks and plants will be stocky and compact, which makes her an excellent option for an indoor SOG grow with limited space.

Buds will appear compact and crystalized and you may even be rewarded with some extra crystals if you wait another week or so to harvest.