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Black Domina x Raspberry Cough

by Nirvana

A pleasurable and relaxing smoke, Blackberry is a relatively easy grow that yields a large amount of flowers. You’ll be kissing your worries goodbye in a cloud of fruity smoke after trying out this hybrid.

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Blackberry Strain Genetics

Blackberry is a dual citizen; her mother is from the U.S. and her father is from the Netherlands. Nirvana Seeds used a clone of Black Domina (indica) from Seattle, U.S.A. and crossed it with their very own Raspberry Cough (sativa) to create this special strain and ensure top quality. This excellent combo yields a sativa-like indica strain with large harvests that are fun to grow.

Blackberry Strain Effects

Blackberry is a rare 50/50 strain that gives the user a sativa-like high. She relaxes, calms, and increase your positivity. She’ll restore your sense of humor and make you feel like laughing at silly things. This makes Blackberry the ideal strain for social gatherings, daytime relaxation or just unwinding in the evenings.

Blackberry Strain Terpene Profile

Blackberry’s namesake is the strongest fragrance in her smoke, but earthy notes make themselves known as well. You’ll taste gassy diesel and a bit of hash-y sweetness when you exhale. Her smoke lingers and leaves a pungent fruity smell in the air so be prepared if you’re smoking outside of your home.

Medical Benefits Blackberry Strain

Anxious or stressed people may find Blackberry helpful for relaxing due to Blackberry’s uplifting effect and high THC content. This same property could also potentially aid migraine sufferers and others who experience chronic pain.

In general, Blackberry is a mood-boosting strain that helps the user take their mind off of what is bothering them. 

How to Grow Blackberry Seeds

Make sure you have a well-ventilated set-up if you’re going to grow Blackberry. Her scent is difficult to disguise without a tent and carbon scrubber. You’ll get the best yields from an indoor grow-op.

For a 50% sativa, Blackberry yields a hefty amount, and you can expect frosty, purple-ish buds in around 7-9 weeks, an amazing turnaround for a sativa hybrid. Blackberry doesn’t grow too high, and therefore you can make the most out of a relatively compact set-up.