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Perfect OG x Jungle Cake

by Jungle Boys Seeds

For a new Kush variant that’s packed with primal power, why not try your hand at taming Wild OG – a fierce, fuel-flavoured laced indica-dominant strain from the Jungle Boys seed bank.

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Wild OG Genetic Profile

From the deepest darker corners of Jungle Boys Seeds California HQ comes a savage new Afghani hybrid that OG Kush fans are going to go wild for. Wild OG lineage pairs the rare and well-renowned Perfect OG – a Legend OG x TK91 cross – with their homegrown Jungle Cake cannabis strain, and the results are both delicious and deadly. 

A sweet and spicy terpene profile and untamed indica approach make this indica-dominant hybrid an absolute must for fans of new takes on classic flavours and effects but make no mistake, Wild OG is far more than just another OG Kush cross. Its monstrous growth pattern makes this marijuana strain suitable for beginners and experts alike, while a tremendous resin production ensures smiles all round for budding cannabinoid connoisseurs. Now available from MGS as regular cannabis seeds, take a walk on the wild side with Jungle Boys Wild OG marijuana seeds.

Wild OG Strain Terpene Profile

This strong-smelling strain takes the classic taste of OG Kush to a whole new dimension. From its Girl Scout Cookies genes, Wild OG flavour inherits a sugary sweet streak – the perfect accompaniment to its sour diesel and chemically kush overtones. Expect creamy vanilla accents and fruity flavours mixing with skunk, haze, spice, and earthy citrus undertones and a pungent piney aroma that mirrors the scent of its Kush forefathers. 

Wild OG dominant terpene is caryophyllene, a pungent and peppery chemical compound that defines the flavours of entire cannabis families, including Kush, Skunk, and Cookies. Limonene, myrcene, and alpha-pinene terpenes are also present in high quantities within this plant, broadening its profile both in terms of taste and psychoactivity. 

Wild OG Strain Effects

This West Coast Kush and Cookies hybrid feature a balanced psychoactive profile that’s fast-acting, long-lasting, and ferocious from start to finish. Starting with strong sativa-dominant effects, users will feel an exhilarating euphoric headrush and a complimentary lift in mood as elation and inspiration ignite the mind. As time progresses, these cerebral effects turn physical, revealing the strain’s true indica-dominant nature. Drowsiness, warm feelings, and a pleasant drop in productivity can all be expected in this later stage, and if you’re prone to couchlock, there’ll be little point trying to resist the inevitable urge to fall asleep.  

Wild OG THC level is unknown but, if it’s anything like its close relatives, growers can expect its levels to reach the mid-twenties. As a high THC/low CBD cultivar with an indica-dominant psychoactive profile, its sedative effects are especially pronounced. There’s no taming this savage strain once under the influence, so even experienced users should stick to evening use to properly savour this potent sleep-inducing side.

Wild OG Strain Medical Benefits

Do you find yourself lying awake at night wishing to be whisked away like Max in Where the Wild Things Are? For those who suffer from insomnia or other disorders that disrupt circadian rhythms, Wild OG medical benefits can provide a first-class ticket straight to dreamland. THC activates by binding to CB1 receptors in the body, and these are known to be involved in regulating the sleep/wake cycle. As such, a dispensary-quality indica strain such as this is ideal for those who routinely struggle to catch those Zs.

Wild OG medical marijuana seeds also promote a positive, worry-free mindset when consumed in the form of cannabis. Medical cannabis patients with depression, low-self esteem, or mood disorders may benefit from its uplifting effects, which can provide a temporary serotonin boost when you’re feeling especially low. 

How to Grow Wild OG Strain

Unlike its forefathers, growing Wild OG marijuana seeds isn’t some herculean task that requires hours of experience. Though not available as autoflowering or feminized seeds, even beginner growers can achieve high-quality results from this phenotype as it features a rugged indica growth pattern and plenty of pest resistances

Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation and adapting readily to yield boosting techniques like SCROG or LST, these seeds produce dank, trichome-heavy cannabis plants that bloom in a rainbow of colours. Little information exists about Wild OG yields, but with proper care and maintenance throughout the growth cycle, cultivators can expect a decent-above average crop from these regular seeds. 

Wild OG also inherits Wedding Cake’s ridiculous resin content. During its flowering period, expect a thick layer of crystals to form upon its dense buds and leaves. Its pungent smell also becomes even more intense around this time and may require extra odour elimination methods if you’re looking for a discreet grow. Wild OG flowering time is around eight-nine weeks from germination, giving you plenty of time to prepare but a quick enough turnaround to satisfy even the most impatient grower.