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Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Formerly a difficult seed to source, Jungle Boys Seeds Wedding Cake seeds are balanced indica/sativa hybrids that deliver potent indica-leaning effects. Though it tastes nothing like cake, Wedding Cake cannabis seeds are just as much a delicacy, with the added benefit of terpenic, cannabinoid lusciousness. 

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Wedding Cake Strain Genetics 

Though there are a handful of genetic stories behind this strain, including pollinating a Triangle Kush plant with pollen from Animal Mints, the seed bank maestros at Jungle Boys describe Wedding Cake lineage as a cross between legendary cannabis strains Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie. Wedding Cake marijuana seeds boast the same indica potency and sharp aromas as their predecessors. Through its Cherry Pie line, the strain showcases vanilla aromatics and the intense head buzz of Durban Poison alongside the candy sweetness of Granddaddy Purple.

From GSC, Wedding Cake seeds double up again on the lively citrus and vanilla aromatics of Durban Poison, this time mated with OG Kush, itself a euphoric journey into pungent and spicy citrus and spacy head effects.

Wedding Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Despite its dessert-like names, Wedding Cake aromas are more sour and earthy, with sharp twangs of peppery citrus piercing through the heaviness. The smoke is sweet, with hints of vanilla at the end of each breath.

Wedding Cake dominant terpene is the dank and fruity myrcene. Beta-Caryophyllene is also present in abundance, lending its bakery spice and doughy notes to the profile. Finally, limonene delivers the room-filling chemical citrus sourness.

Wedding Cake Strain Effects 

Jungle Boys Seeds Wedding Cake seeds are sought after for their impressive effects. Leaning primarily on the indica side of the scale, the strain boasts impressive strength and powerful myrcene levels, creating full-body relaxation punctuated by a pleasant, uplifting effect. Sativa-like happiness comes easily from the limonene, keeping the mind level while your body drifts into comfort. 

Wedding Cake THC levels can top out over 25%, so expect effects to hit hard and fast. Those indulging for the first time should take caution: just like eating too much cake, you’ll end up floating away into your dreams if you overdo it. Save this strain for a favourite movie or after a long day of work, as it is best consumed as an after-dinner treat. 

Wedding Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Jungle Boys Seeds Wedding Cake medical seeds offer a range of medicinal effects, ranging from stress and anxiety relief to full-body pain control. The strain features a relatively high psychedelic effect from the soaring THC levels and robust myrcene content, easing your mind into a positive space.

Wedding Cake weed is also abundant in beta-caryophyllene, known for its powerful pain-relieving properties. Its large size allows it to bind to CB2 receptors, creating pain and body relief akin to CBD, although Wedding Cake’s CBD levels are just about nonexistent. 

How to Grow Wedding Cake Strain 

Growing Wedding Cake cannabis feminized seeds can be challenging, even for growers with some experience under their belt. Known to be a bit picky, it showcases a compact indica structure that can take low-stress training as needed. Wedding Cake yields are upward of 600g per m2 in both indoor and outdoor growing setups under optimal settings (warm and a bit humid). 

Wedding Cake flowering time is typically nine weeks after germination and vegetative phases. Flower sites will grow into chunky, indica-style nugs. Usually an earthy blend of greens and browns with bright orange pistils, some plants can show pleasing shades of pink. Resin production is heavy from the countless trichomes, and heavy fumes of earthy skunk and tangy citrus hang heavy over each plant.