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Topanga x Sweatband

by Jungle Boys Seeds

A mountain too high for all but the most adventurous, Topanga Canyon OG is a formidable OG Kush cross from the Jungle Boys Seeds company with a throat-tickling flavour and towering THC content that’s meant only for marijuana connoisseurs. 

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Topanga Canyon OG Genetic Profile

Named for the picturesque area of the Santa Monica Mountains where the Calif-based Jungle Boys seeds company call home, Topanga Canyon OG is a top-quality OG cannabis hybrid strain that’s perfect for sharing with friends in the great outdoors. Bred from their own indica-dominant Topanga strain and Sweatband – heavily sativa dominant hybrid created through crossing the infamous 707 Headband X Chemdawg – Topanga Canyon OG lineage benefits from a balanced genetic mix, lending the perfect mix of both cerebral and physically relaxing psychoactive qualities.

Heavy in effect and harsh and herbal in flavour, this exclusive OG cut – which boasts a THC content of up to 30%) was previously only available from the Jungle Boys LA dispensary, but can now be purchased from the MGS online store as regular seeds (feminized seeds not available )for your home growing pleasure.   

Topanga Canyon OG Strain Terpene Profile

Topanga Canyon OG aroma is a rich and spicy mix of chem and kush accents that come together in a pungent and slightly sour bouquet. Producing a thick, choking smoke that’s herbal in flavour and harsh on the lungs, with skunk, sandalwood, and sour diesel notes and a lemony aftertaste that lingers, though it might induce coughing fits, the pheno’s full-bodied flavour is a must for those who can’t get enough of that fantastic OG funk.

Kush strains are usually rich in caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene terpenes, which are believed to relieve stress and anxiety and promote relaxation in the mind and body. Topanga Canyon OG dominant terpenes reflect this but this Cali strain also contains a moderate amount of linalool, pinene, and humulene – terpenes which, along with its high THC/low CBD content, help reinforce its relaxing effects. 

Topanga Canyon OG Strain Effects

Topanga Canyon OG effects are ideal for happy hour. Put a Californian smile upon your face as a euphoric, sociable feeling washing over you, uplifting your mood, while tingles of relaxation linger in your limbs. Best savoured among friends, despite a slight sedative twist at the end of the high, this sunblessed strain shouldn’t leave you couchlocked or your mind muddled, so invite the whole gang over and enjoy with peace of mind.

Although this Topanga x Sweatband cross is suitable for daytime use, lab tests have shown Topanga Canyon OG THC level averages between 27 and 30%, making this an incredibly strong marijuana strain. Seasoned users shouldn’t have any problem coping with its potent, long-lasting effects, but for novices, we’d recommended not wandering too far into Topanga Canyon, or you may just lose your footing.

Topanga Canyon OG Strain Medical Benefits

Jungle Boys weed is multi-award-winning and has received particular praise for its medical potential. Topanga Canyon OG medical seeds can be used to grow your own therapeutic plants at home, and this strain is especially suitable if you suffer from social anxiety. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, but for some, the nervousness that comes when surrounded by new people can be paralyzing. While under the influence of the socially stimulating and uplifting effects of this strain, this fear response is lessened a little, allowing anxiety sufferers to bat away those butterflies and enjoy good company without worry. 

Topanga Canyon OG medical benefits are also suitable for treating inflammatory conditions. Its dominant terpenes have all shown promise at reducing inflammation in the body, and are also known to benefit from the entourage effect, which makes them even stronger and more efficient. This makes these cannabis seeds perfect for those recovering from physical injury.

How to Grow Topanga Canyon OG Strain

Although many OG Kush cuts are finicky to bring to term, growing Topanga Canyon OG is a much simpler affair as this vigorous pheno thrives pretty well all on its own. Producing thick and bushy indica plants with dank, golf ball-sized flowers in shades of rich camo green, with sparse terracotta hairs that cling close to the bud, and a coating of dark amber trichomes, it’s a beautiful plant to behold and will perk up any outdoor space or growhouse. Thriving particularly well in a hot and dry climate similar to its California homeland, it also adapts readily to indoor SCROG and SOG setups.  

Although the Jungle Boys seed co haven’t made any info available about Topanga Canyon OG yields, based on its parents’ growth, growers can expect medium/large harvests, which can be pushed even further if supercropping techniques are implemented. From germination, these plants will need around eight to ten weeks to reach full maturity, so we recommend opting for an autoflowering plant if you’re looking for a quicker turnover. It pays to be patient, however, as planning exactly where and when you’ll choose to sample this superpowered Kush strain first just makes those days and weeks fly by.