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Triangle Kush x Gelato

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Bred for experienced gardeners and commercial growth, gassy kush flavours blended with the creamy sweet taste of Gelato make TK Lato from the Jungle Boys Seeds company a flavour hunter’s ultimate fantasy, while its classic, THC-driven effects are well worth the cultivating challenge.

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TK Lato Genetic Profile

This carefully blended indica-dominant hybrid variety from the CA-based Jungle Boys dispensary is already a fan-favourite in its home state and, with these regular seeds from MGS, now growers from London to Los Angeles can find what all the fuss is about. Made from an interstate marriage of a Triangle Kush plant – a Floridian update of the iconic OG Kush – with classic Californian Gelato genes, TK Lato (aka TK Lato #13) lineage combines all the sunshine kissed growth benefits, gassy funk, and indica effects of the former with sweet and creamy fruit terps flavour hunters would sell their right arm for.

Although a little challenging to cultivate for novices, who should opt for an autoflowering or feminised strain for an easier experience, TK Lato marijuana seeds are excellent for expert growers looking to give their green fingers a run for their money. Great for outdoor growth or commercial cultivators, take your marijuana farming to the next level with this unique US indica strain.

TK Lato Strain Terpene Profile

TK Lato flavour profile blends the diesel-dominant taste of OG Kush with the iconic ice-cream profile of its parent plant. Expect syrupy sweet fruit and vanilla flavours with a sour chemical tang and an earthy, spicy kick on the exhale. Leaning a little closer to the Gelato side, this kush and cookies mix makes for a unique and delicious taste experience; its OG genes adding fiery fuel kick to a traditional dessert recipe.

Like many cookies cuts, including big names like Runtz, Zkittlez, and even the Jungle Boys signature Jungle Cake strain, TK Lato dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and limonene, two of the most common aromatic compounds found within the cannabis plant. When mixed in various concentrations with myrcene, humulene, and other lighter-tasting terpenes like linalool, this creates a signature flavour and perfume that’s unique to each individual pheno. In addition, many terpenes possess powerful physiological effects, making these multipurpose chemicals an important part of the cannabis experience.  

TK Lato Strain Effects

Though Gelato (aka Larry Bird) and Triangle Kush are both indica-dominant strains and known for their long-lasting, relaxing psychoactive style, they’re also celebrated for stimulating and cerebral qualities that are more common to sativa strains. Expect a quick-acting, euphoric high that will leave you feeling numb to pain, relaxed, but mentally stimulated and productive. Excellent for evening consumption, once its sativa-side wears off, it won’t be long before laziness and hunger settle in, leaving you free to fridge dive or get lost in Netflix loops to your heart’s content.

Jungle Boys pack plenty of THC goodness into all of their handcrafted strains and ensure nearly all of their handcrafted strains for potency. TK Lato THC content has been recorded at around 25%, making this high THC/low CBD strain a powerful contender in the marijuana arena. Both its cerebral and sedative effects might be a little too strong for novices, leading to mind-race, couchlock, or simply a confusing couple of hours. If you’re a newcomer to the world of cannabis consumption, we recommend opting for a more moderately powered strain as a sensible introduction.

TK Lato Strain Medical Benefits

Jungle Boys weed is renowned for its therapeutic effects, and TK Lato medical seeds are a fantastic example of what the company has to offer the medical marijuana industry. Sharing half its genes with Gelato, a strain with a sterling reputation within the medical cannabis community and boasting high levels of pain-killing caryophyllene, this pheno is perfect for analgesic relief from joint pain and can even help speed up the healing process if you’re recovering from injury.

TK Lato medical benefits may also be of use to those suffering from chronic fatigue. Those heavy, lethargic feelings we often feel can be tough to overcome, especially when they’re experienced day to day, but the stimulating effects that this Triangle Kush x Gelato crossbreed produces can offer a short-term but highly effective boost of energy to get you going when you need it most.

How to Grow TK Lato Strain

Information about growing Jungle boys TK Lato marijuana seeds is somewhat limited as they’ve only recently been made available for commercial sale, but looking at their parents can tell us a lot. Both Gelato and Triangle Kush are incredibly high-maintenance and tough to cultivate indoors, requiring specific PH and temperature controls for successful growth. 

Although responding well to SCROG and SOG, a warm, dry, outdoor environment and a watchful eye is recommended for these regular seeds. TK Lato yields are unknown, but if this plant is reared correctly and with due care, they should be higher than average and definitely enough to justify the extra effort.

Expect bushy, indica-dominant weed plants with dense, chunky buds wreathed in orange pistils once TK Lato flowering time rolls around (around eight to ten weeks from germination if you’re growing indoors). Overall, this is not a strain for beginners, but if you’re looking to make concentrates or for a cannabis challenge with big rewards come harvest time, this picky pudding strain is definitely worth a punt.