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Divorce Cake x Jungle Cake

by Jungle Boys Seeds

A fabulously frosty cultivar for fans of honeyed flavours, Sugar Cake, is a wonderfully tasting Wedding Cake cross from the Jungle Boys seed co that transforms the candied flavours and creeping indica-dominant effects of its parent into a decadent new recipe. 

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Sugar Cake Genetic Profile

Better check your glucose levels after a slice of this saccharine contender. Sugar Cake lineage is a Jungle Boys seed bank original recipe that mixes genes from their patented sweet and sour Divorce Cake strain – a world-famous mix of White Widow and Wedding Cake – with their bestselling Jungle Cake hybrid. While this latter phenotype, also born from a Wedding Cake cross, but this time blended with White Fire #43 (aka Wifi #43), brings its kush and cookies qualities to its offspring, the former also introduces subtle skunk flavours, lifting Sugar Cake – also known as Sugar Cake #21 – overall sweetness to epic proportions. 

Served alongside a range of balanced but powerful psychoactive effects, these refined flavours make the ideal evening treat for sweet-toothed cannabis enthusiasts. Although not yet available as an autoflowering or feminized strain, this indica-dominant strain – previously exclusive to the Jungle Boys Los Angeles-based seedbank – is much easier to grow than many Cookies cuts and is now available for purchase from our online store in a regular flowering variety. Add this confectionary cannabis strain to your collection today with Sugar Cake marijuana seeds from MGS.

Sugar Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Mixing Divorce Cake’s perfumed profile with the candy sweetness of Wedding Cake, Sugar Cake aroma is floral and intoxicating, with subtle notes of fuel and sour fruit when its buds are broken apart. In terms of taste, the sugared doughnut and creamy vanilla flavours of Wedding Cake take centre stage, blending with citrus notes, sweet pine, and an earthy kush quality that lingers long after the smoke has cleared. 

Sugar Cake dominant terpene is limonene, and it also features high levels of myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene. Linalool, a monoterpenoid that’s found in many herbs and spices like mint and cinnamon and is used extensively within the perfume industry, provides a subtle, lavender-like quality to the strain’s taste and smell and its thought this chemical can also exude a calming influence, making it prime for medical use. 

Sugar Cake Strain Effects

Sugar Cake effects feature both sativa and indica qualities that work together in a unique hybridized balance. Beginning with an attentive and euphoric cerebral experience that draws your focus to a pinpoint and culminating in a relaxing body buzz that’s brilliant for zoning out, this sweet contender has a little something for everyone. Expect a heavy, physically sedating effect as the high reaches its apex, turning almost any snack into a luxury meal while simultaneously knocking out body aches and cramps. 

Despite the stimulating qualities of this dynamic dessert strain, we recommend saving tasting until after dinnertime. It might not spoil your appetite, but as Sugar Cake THC level can easily reach 22.34%, this Divorce Cake x Jungle Cake cross can quickly spoil your evening if you’re not prepared for its fast-acting effects and sleep-inducing side. Lower tolerance users may even want to consider satisfying their sugar cravings elsewhere.

Sugar Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Cake is great for quieting a rumbling stomach, but if you suffer from nausea or a loss of appetite, sweet treats are probably the last thing on your mind. This particular kind of cake may come in handy, as weed grown from Sugar Cake medical seeds is chock full of cannabinoids that can induce a powerful hunger response, while its inflammatory action also helps to reduce stomach upsets. Ideal for those with eating disorders or undergoing chemotherapy, it can really help when mealtimes become a challenge.  

Sugar Cake medical benefits also extend to treating joint pain and muscular disorders. As a high THC/low CBD strain that’s high in caryophyllene and linalool, it can reduce aches and swelling by killing pain and inflammation at its source while also promoting a calming mental state to keep your mind distracted from feelings of discomfort. 

How to Grow Sugar Cake Strain

Growing Sugar Cake marijuana seeds isn’t as challenging as some Cookies strains like Zkittlez or Dosidos but will require some forward planning. Thanks to its strong hybridized genes, this indica-dominant pheno thrives inside, outdoors, and in most environments so long as temperatures are around 70 degrees with a decent level of humidity

Suitable for SCROG or SOG cultivation, which may help increase Sugar Cake yields, it also inherits its parent’s pest resistances and award-winning resin production rates, so expect hardy, crystal-coated, colourful plants that will give extract experts fever dreams. 

Sugar Cake flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination, which is on the faster side for regular seeds. One in full bloom, the plant really begins to live up to its name; its dank, lime-green buds dusted in sugary white trichomes that look good enough to eat. Make sure to wear gloves when harvesting to avoid getting sticky fingers, and by carefully curing flowers once the growth cycle is over, patient growers will be rewarded with even tastier, THC-rich buds.