Buy L.A. Kush Cake strain seeds

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Initially created by Los Angeles’ Seed Junky Genetics, Jungle Boys Seeds LA Kush Cake regular seeds are a groovy house twist on the popular strain. An indica-dominant hybrid strain, LA Kush Cake is an intriguing and dessert-inspiring strain full of good times and happy relaxation.

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LA Kush Cake Strain Genetics 

Born initially of a cross between Kush Mints x Wedding Cake, Jungle Boys Seeds LA Kush Cake lineage adds one extra step by breeding the original LA Kush Cake with Zkittlez Cake. The strain’s rich indica genetics are on display here, as its effects and lineage are nearly sativa-free. 

Kush Mints is a child of an Animal Mints and Bubba Kush cross, with a family tree that includes Afghani landrace strains, Girl Scout Cookies, and OG Kush. Likewise, Wedding Cake (aka Triangle Mints #23) comes from Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, adding the unique spin of a Florida-grown OG Kush to the lineage. 

The genealogy of LA Kush Cake marijuana seeds receives one final addition from Zkittlez Cake (Zkittlez and Wedding Cake), presenting purp genetics through Grape Ape and the energizing brightness of Grapefruit.  

LA Kush Cake Strain Terpene Profile

With such a storied genetic line, LA Kush Cake aromas are equally as attractive. An enticing blend of tart, funky fuel and skunky spice is bolstered by creamy cake and mints.

Much like its parent strains, LA Kush Cake abundant terpenes are an alluring blend of limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool, creating the unique twang of zesty chemicals and earthy mint. Traces of myrcene reinforce the heavy musk of the room-filling OG Kush fuel aroma.

LA Kush Cake Strain Effects 

Jungle Boys Seeds LA Kush Cake seeds are perfect for growers searching for a delicious end-of-the-night strain. This indica is heavily sedating, so get your couch ready and tuck in for a night of peaceful relaxation. 

LA Kush Cake THC levels are unknown at the time, but other Kush Cake variants range from 24% to 32%. Effects will be quick to begin and pleasant to experience. The particular terpene blend of linalool, caryophyllene, and myrcene work together with the potent cannabinoids to create powerful mental and physical relaxation.

LA Kush Cake Strain Medical Benefits

LA Kush Cake medical seeds are sought for their sedating medicinal qualities, such as its linalool and myrcene-driven relaxation of stress and anxiety. A potent sleep aid, LA Kush Cake weed weighs on you heavily, like your favourite blanket. 

Though low in CBD, expect plenty of beneficial THC effects from Jungle Boys Seeds LA Kush Cake seeds, including a boost to the appetite and impressive pain relief, especially with the abundant amount of beta-caryophyllene. 

How to Grow LA Kush Cake Strain 

Information on growing Jungle Boys Seeds LA Kush Cake seeds is a bit sparse, but its indica genetics will more than likely produce a compact and stocky cannabis plant suited to low-stress training. LA Kush Cake yields can reach a respectable 650g per m2 in indoor grow setups, with outdoor operations in warm, humid environments able to crank out up to 1,200g per plant. 

LA Kush Cake flowering time is a fairly rapid 8-10 weeks from germination and as these are regular seeds, you will need to keep your eye out for male plants. Remove them to keep your female plants unpollinated and for a new addition to your propagation program. 

As harvest time approaches, prepare for large, frosty buds of mint green and white. This strain is trichome-rich, so expect nugs to have a candy coating of resin and a hazy aroma of Kushy fuel and earth, brightened by highlights of creamy peppermint.