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Wifi Cake x Jungle Cake

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Providing a high-speed connection to a world of sensory bliss, Jungle Wifi is an electrifying indica dominant hybrid from the Jungle Boys Seeds company that’s been upgraded for stability, flavour and a range of formidable medical effects.

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Jungle Wifi Genetic Profile

There’s no denying that Jungle Boys Seeds have their finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry. Once a small Los Angeles based dispensary and now a leading name in breeding circles, the company’s collection of hybridised strains represent some of the most unique available on the market. This deliciously dank Kush and Cookies collab is the prime example. Jungle Wifi lineage combines Wifi Cake and Jungle Cake – two strains with strong connections to Wifi OG and Wedding Cake – and the result is a refreshing mix of fuel and fruit with amplified effects.

Until recently, Jungle Boys weed was only available to California natives, but with their latest seed collection, fans throughout the world can grow their own medical-grade cannabis plants at home. Though not available as a feminised or autoflowering plant, Jungle Wifi marijuana seeds are much easier to grow than many of their relatives, making these regular seeds – now available from MGS – a safe and stable choice for beginners and experts alike. 

Fast flowering and fast-acting, become the king of your own cannabis jungle with this high-speed, high-powered marijuana strain from the Jungle Boys seed bank.

Jungle Wifi Strain Terpene Profile

The pheno’s Wifi OG relative (aka White Fire OG) is an unusual afghani cultivar that combines the fuel-heavy Fire OG with The White – a potent OG Kush hybrid known for its lack of taste and smell. In contrast, Wedding Cake has a fruity, fresh-baked flavour profile that’s custom-baked for sugar junkies. Together, these strains give Jungle Wifi aroma a refreshing piney quality with a sour diesel bite and a taste that blends berries, vanilla sugar, and fuel with earthy OG Kush and skunk overtones.  

Caryophyllene, terpinolene, and ocimene are all known for their diesel aromas. In fact, strong-smelling oils like turpentine contain many of these same compounds, as well as high levels of alpha-pinene. Jungle Wifi dominant terpenes include all of the above, but it’s also rich in limonene and myrcene as a result of its mixed heritage, broadening both its flavour and psychoactive profile. 

Jungle Wifi Strain Effects

Jungle Wifi effects are intense and indica-leaning. Incredibly quick-acting, its initial sativa dominant influence will switch your mind to a completely different frequency, promoting focus, creative insight, and a euphoric uplifting bliss. Over time, these stimulating sensations turn physical as waves of warm relaxation begin to trickle down from head to toe, blocking pain pathways, pessimistic thoughts and helping even anxiety-prone individuals to switch off.

You won’t require a signal booster when connecting to this cannabis network. 

As a result of its extremely high-powered parentage, Jungle Wifi THC level can easily reach the mid-twenties if reared in the right environment. Best enjoyed at the end of the day, be careful not to underestimate its amplified effects and ultra-fast onset, especially if you’re accustomed to strains of a weaker bandwidth.   

Jungle Wifi Strain Medical Benefits

Jungle Boys made their name on the backs of their potent medical marijuana products. All of their strains are dispensary grade, including Jungle Wifi cannabis seeds, which are particularly suitable for medical cannabis patients with pain disorders. By dampening the body’s pain response and reducing inflammation, cannabinoids like THC can help relieve localised pain at the source of the injury, making a high THC/low CBD strain like this particularly effective. In addition, caryophyllene terpenes have a similar physiological influence, and together, the potential of these two compounds is boosted further via the entourage effect.

Jungle Wifi medical benefits may also be used to treat anxiety. While some cannabis strains can worsen the symptoms of this debilitating disorder, this indica-dominant phenotype has a calming influence while simultaneously promoting a care-free mindset. When combined, these two attributes make an effective team against worries, nagging thoughts, and the unwanted fear response that often accompanies anxiety attacks.  

How to Grow Jungle Wifi Strain

Fire OG can be a tricky Kush plant to cultivate successfully, and many Cookies strains are equally challenging, even for experienced growers. Thanks to DNA passed down from Wedding Cake – one of the more forgiving Girl Scout Cookies phenos – growing Jungle Wifi marijuana seeds should be a breeze for those with experience, while novices shouldn’t struggle too much either. An indica-typical plant with an untamed, stocky structure, it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor growth and highly responsive to LST and SCROG. Techniques like these are great for those with indoor space restraints but still aiming to push Jungle Wifi yields to their maximum.

As with the majority of Jungle Boys strains, Jungle Wifi flowering time is about eight-nine weeks from germination. This pheno also inherits the thick ice-white trichome coating that gave the sugar-frosted Wedding Cake its name. This, along with its incredible flavour, makes it a safe bet for concentrate connoisseurs who like to squeeze every ounce of potency from their plants. If you drop the temperature of your grow space towards the end of the flowering cycle, you may even be rewarded with a range of deeper colour hues, ranging from pink to purple, which will go a long way in boosting your product’s bag appeal.