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Topanga Canyon OG x Jungle Cake

by Jungle Boys Seeds

A high THC, indica-dominant hybrid beauty from Los Angeles based Jungle Boys seeds, Jungle Canyon, is an immensely potent cannabis strain currently available as regular seeds from our seed bank. 

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Jungle Canyon Strain Genetics

The genetics of these Jungle Canyon cannabis seeds blend two lesser-known strains that both boast famous, award-winning parents. On one side, you have Jungle Boys own high-THC level strain Topanga Canyon OG (Headband x Chemdawg) and on the other, stands the similarly potent Jungle Cake (White Fire #43 AKA Wi-Fi OG x Wedding Cake).

With a hearty dose of OG Kush, combined with Afghani, Chem, Cookies, Diesel, and Skunk strains (to name but a few) also featuring in the family tree, expect a cacophony of classic flavour and aromas to emanate from this extra-strong marijuana strain.

Jungle Canyon Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant tastes of this delightfully flavourful Topanga Canyon x Jungle Cake strain come from a pair of abundant terpenes, firstly the herbal, old-school, verifiably vintage vapours of myrcene, most notable in the scent on exhale, but treating the tongue in terms of flavour, too.

The other dominant terp is caryophyllene, the peppery, spicy beauty that is the reason for the petrol-heavy flavours of Diesel strains, especially strong on the inhale with this strain. Other terpenes also add subtle tweaks to the taste, including limonene (citrus fruits) and linalool (floral), ensuring a unique, while familiar, aroma and flavour.

Jungle Canyon Strain Effects

This cannabis strain may have an exceedingly high THC level (over 22%), but it is not as sedating in its effects as you may expect. Obviously, that fact relies heavily on care being taken in terms of portion size, remember that a little goes a long way here and always tread carefully with your amounts!

As long as you do, you can expect a euphoric, uplifting, creative head-high combined with a profoundly relaxing body-buzz perfect for a game or movie night with friends, or even a date night (although we’d suggest takeaway, giggling fits in a restaurant are frowned upon!).

Jungle Canyon Strain Medical Benefits

The uplifting effects of Jungle Boys – Jungle Canyon, in addition to the potential medical benefits of the high THC content and rich terpene profile, mean alleviation may be provided for stress, raising mood and reducing mental and physical symptoms of stress and stress-related conditions.

Additionally, the cannabinoids and terps (particularly THC and caryophyllene) can aid in the reduction of pain, especially in the joints, which has led to this Topanga Canyon OG x Jungle Cake strain gaining medical marijuana popularity among those living with arthritis.

How to Grow Jungle Canyon Strain Seeds

Cultivating these regular seeds (feminized and autoflowering seeds not currently available) takes a little work on the part of the grower, mainly because they can grow a little out of control indoors if not treated and cared for. Tall, lanky cannabis plants mean trellising is advisable, as is regular pruning to keep the branches in check. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a dense central cola with SOG or SCROG methods and a high yield of pinecone shaped buds, rich in purple hues and coated in trichomes.

Outdoor yields are even more impressive, and greenhouse growers or those in warm climates will be rewarded with huge, dense, dank nugs with a pungent scent that gives an idea of the potent wonder that you’re going to experience once harvest time arrives in October following a rapid flowering time of just 9-10 weeks.