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TK Lato x Jungle Cake

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Ben and Jerry eat your heart out because Junglato is a brand new indica-dominant taste sensation from the Jungle Boys SeeD co that’s here to burst your bubble, bringing heavy-set psychoactive effects in addition to its exotic ice cream flavours. 

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Junglato Genetic Profile

This mad mashup from the Jungle Boys combines two of their previous cannabis creations into a brand new high-powered hybrid. Junglato lineage features a hefty scoop of TK Lato genes – gained from the seed company’s specially selected Gelato x Triangle Kush backcross – paired with a substantial slice of DNA from their signature Jungle Cake strain. With Wedding Cake and 

White Fire #43 each bringing unique flavours and effects into this kushy, candied mix, the end result is an incredibly exotic and sweet-tasting ice-cream strain with the superpowered psychoactive profile to back it up.

Although not the simplest strain to tame, the monstrous THC-level and incomparable flavours of this fantastic cultivar make it a must for those seeking a higher quality cannabis experience. Available now from MGS as regular seeds, take a walk on the wild side with this tropical tyrannosaur from the Los Angeles farmers down at the Jungle Boys Seeds company.

Junglato Strain Terpene Profile

When Kush and Cookies strains combine, the taste is usually a sweet and pungent mix of fuel and fruit and, while Junglato flavour follows this direction to a degree, its dominating ice-cream kick is something extra special. A heavy herbal nose with notes of skunk and earthy kush fragrances is met with a creamy, and candy-sweet tropical fruit flavour with subtle floral notes and a sugary diesel exhale. Flavour hunters beware as it’s very easy to get lost in this wilderness of wonderful tastes and smells, which become even more intense when extracted and consumed in concentrated form.

Junglato abundant terpenes include limonene, which provides its citrusy flavours, myrcene and humulene, which have a more herbal bouquet, and caryophyllene – a terpene known for its peppery kick. Less dominant cannabis terpenes like linalool, ocimene, and terpinolene, whose floral flavours are more difficult to define, play an equally important part in the strain’s aromatic and psychoactive profile

Junglato Strain Effects

You’re guaranteed a rumble in this jungle as Junglato THC level is a titanic 27% on average. This can probably be pushed into the low 30s with the right cultivation techniques, making this high THC/low CBD strain one of the Jungle Boys’ most powerful. Expect a fast-acting euphoric hit with stimulating sativa qualities to keep your mind clear and focused before powerful relaxation rains down, soaking you from head to toe with a feeling of dreamy contentment. 

Junglato effects are formidable, and if you’re not an experienced cannabis user, you’re liable to wind up wishing you never decided to venture into its wild and unforgiving territory. Save this TK Lato x Jungle Cake cross for post afternoon consumption to get the most from its relaxing characteristics and to avoid crashing out too early in the day.

Junglato Strain Medical Benefits

For medical marijuana patients with ADHD or conditions which cause difficulty maintaining focus, Junglato Strain medical seeds may be a worthwhile option to consider. Some terpenes promote relaxation and others acuity, and this strain is high in both, prompting feelings of alertness and relaxation. The former is fantastic for aiding concentration and may help users to concentrate better when performing mental and physical tasks.  

In somewhat of a contradictory fashion, Junglato medical benefits also apply to those with sleep disorders like insomnia. Its high THC and myrcene content have lent it a potent sedative effect, that if used correctly, can restart a disrupted sleep cycle or simply serve as extra help when struggling to drift off at night.  

How to Grow Junglato Strain

This cultivar comes from a long line of fussy, high-maintenance plants, which can make growing Junglato marijuana seeds a little troublesome for novices. Requiring a warm, dry climate, but with a touch of humidity, it’s recommended to rear this plant indoors if you live outside of its California homeland or the Mediterranean basin. With its decent internodal spacing and an indica-typical growth style, it’s still highly suitable for SOG or SCROG setups, which are a great option if you want Junglato yields to reach their maximum potential. And while it may not be the biggest producer around, Junglato quality outweighs Junglato quantity any day of the week.


Junglato´s flowering time is a relatively short eight-nine weeks from germination, which is when its giant green and orange wreathed flowers will begin to form. As flavour and potency are two of this strain’s biggest selling points, it’s an excellent choice for experimenting with various techniques designed to boost its THC and terpene content, while its resinous buds make for excellent extracts if you’re into the more scientific side of cannabis preparation.