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Green Crack x Triangle Kush

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Full of uplifting energy and comfortable relaxation, Jungle Boys Seeds Florida Sunrise is an indica leading hybrid brimming with juicy tropical potency. With a bit of hands-on care, these Florida Sunrise autoflowering seeds will produce crops of terpene-rich sunshine, boasting towering THC strength and delicious flavours.

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Florida Sunrise Strain Genetics 

Florida Sunrise lineage is a unique Green Crack x TK Bx1 cross, resulting in the juicy tropical fruit and sativa head effects of Green Crack, with the indica relaxation of Jungle Boys seed bank’s backcrossed Triangle Kush plants. 

Florida Sunrise marijuana seeds showcase the effects of both of its parents. Triangle Kush, a native Florida indica cannabis strain, is thought to be a descendent of a Florida OG Kush strain. Green Crack is a powerhouse sativa strain made famous in California, said to have been lent the name from Snoop Dogg and landing it a place in west coast weed breeders’ circles for its active mental effects. Its origins are a bit shady, but it is believed to born from a Skunk #1 cross with an Afghani landrace.

Florida Sunrise Strain Terpene Profile

Jungle Boys Florida Sunrise aromas are a delectable bouquet of fresh tropical fruit and sweet orchids. Mango and pineapple lay heavy on cured nugs, intensified when crumbled and leaving your fingers sticky. Smoke aromas take a heavier turn into earthy spice and pine wood, with orchids appearing at lower temperatures. 

As indicative of its lush aromatic offering, Florida Sunrise dominant terpene is the every-fruity myrcene, heavy with sticky mango and sweet earth. Limonene bumps up the tropical vibes with its citrus tones and hints of chemical sharpness, while ocimene provides the floral orchid notes. 

Florida Sunrise Strain Effects 

As Florida Sunrise THC levels can push the 30% barrier, expect massive effects as potent as the aroma. A dynamic hybrid, euphoria and happiness arrive first to fill the head with a buzzy warmth and focused clarity. This surging sativa energy is balanced by a comfortable body relaxation that spreads from the head and soothes the entire body. 

Florida Sunrise weed is a powerful treat, with its compelling terpenes adding an edge of serene joy to each THC-fueled session. Florida Sunrise seeds produce a great pre-game strain for a night out with friends, as the balanced and uplifted effects will add brightness to any situation. 

Florida Sunrise Strain Medical Benefits

Florida Sunrise medical seeds are sought after for their blissful effect. Depression and anxiety melt away beneath every fruity wave of limonene and ocimene, while myrcene is full of lulling sedation that melts away body pain, especially after consecutive sessions.

Growers know Jungle Boys Seeds Florida Sunrise seeds for their appetite-boosting and nausea-reducing properties. While CBD is nonexistent, its robust THC levels ensure rapid and powerful relief. 

How to Grow Florida Sunrise Strain

Information on growing Florida Sunrise autoflowering seeds is sparse, but its genetic relatives are relatively easy to cultivate. Florida Sunrise flowering time ranges from 8-10 weeks after germination. 

As an autoflower strain, indoor growers can leave the lights on full-time to help boost production, and outdoor growers in warm and sunny areas can expect a couple of harvests from these generous cannabis seeds. Low-stress training will help to ensure appropriate light saturation and airflow, helping to coax Florida Sunrise yields as high as possible.

Florida Sunrise seeds will mature plants covered in fluffy buds of olive green, with a light coating of orange pistils and fuzzy trichomes. Expect a tropical haze of mango and pineapple to settle over your grow area as the resin starts to flow, aided by the exotic sweetness of orchid petals and hints of citrusy fuel.