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Orange Daiquiri x TK Bx1

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Florida Oranges is an indica leaning hybrid from the Jungle Boys Seeds Seed Co. with a potent kick. Packed full of vintage genetics, this cannabis strain offers fruity flavours and an uplifting, long-lasting high.

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Florida Oranges Strain Genetics

There’s OG Kush all up in the family tree of these marijuana seeds, with parentage that blends Orange Daiquiri (Orange Cookies x Grape Pie) with TK Bx1 (Triangle Kush x Triangle Larry OG – the latter being also being a child of Triangle Kush). While the heritage is Kush dominant, there are numerous classic strains to be discovered in the ancestry, including Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, Wedding Cake, Skunk, Dosidos, and Afghani.

With so many recognisable names in its genetic background, it’s impressive that Florida Oranges has managed to create an identity of its own, but manage it most certainly has! Fruity, dominant orange flavours, a euphoric yet relaxing high and a scent that will stay lovingly on your nostrils all day!

Florida Oranges Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant flavours and aromas of this Jungle Boys – Florida Oranges strain bring together classic herbal tones and modern fruity touches. These effects are created by the abundant terpenes, which are headlined by myrcene, an earthy terp that is the cause of the classic cannabis scent we all know so well.

The fruity side of the flavour, notable on the inhale, comes via another terpene, limonene, found in the rinds of citrus fruits. The broader nuances of the taste and scent of Florida Oranges come from caryophyllene, which adds spiny notes, and pinene, which delivers a forest fresh, piney scent on the exhale.

Florida Oranges Strain Effects

The potency of this high Orange Daiquiri x TK BX1 content strain (around 20%) ensures a fast-acting and long-lasting buzz that gives a powerful sense of relaxation for the body. While providing borderline couchlock from the neck down, the head, and more specifically, the mind is likely to be having an entirely different experience.

Uplifting and euphorically happy, this indica leading hybrid creates a wonderful head high characterised by giggly sensations and increased creativity. An excellent strain for company, especially as an after-dinner choice, Florida Oranges will keep you talking and laughing all night long!

Florida Oranges Strain Medical Benefits

There are various medical marijuana properties that are said to have been handed down through the generations to these cannabis seeds. Those living with bipolar disorder have reported that the terp combination, working with the high THC level, could aid in balancing the periods of anxiety and depression.

Another possible medical benefit of these Florida Oranges cannabis seeds is reduced sickness and general feelings of nausea. The terpenes and cannabinoids are said to settle the stomach and alleviate the symptoms of nausea.

How to Grow Florida Oranges Strain Seeds

Indoor growers will see a full harvest from these regular seeds in as little as eight weeks (and rarely more than ten). Ensure you have space because even with regular trimming and pruning, these cannabis plants like to stretch and will take up a fair bit of room. It’s worth it, though, as a high yield of light green buds will be the result of your hard work.

For outdoor growers, the fruits of labour might be more impressive still, with even larger yields, although you can expect a longer flowering time (harvest time should be around early October). As with indoor growing, some work is necessary here, especially if you bypass a greenhouse in favour of growing these marijuana plants in the elements. As long as you’re in a relatively warm climate and you regularly check for mould and mites, this should work out well, with a mass of heavy, dank, dense buds with a pungent scent of oranges rewarding your efforts!