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LA Kush Cake x TK Bx1

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Bringing a little Southeastern sun to a traditionally West Coast heritage, Florida Kush is a high-powered, indica-dominant hybrid from the Jungle Boys Seeds company that unites the best bit of two marijuana-loving US states in perfect, THC-dominant harmony.

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Florida Kush Genetic Profile

Florida Kush lineage is a fabulous interstate mix that unites LA Kush Cake – an indica-dominant Wedding Cake and Kush Mints crossbreed – with TK BX1 – Jungle Boys carefully backcrossed Triangle Kush cut. This latter strain, named for Florida’s three cannabis-producing capitals, lends its chatty psychoactive characteristics and chemical citrus pungency to the OG recipe, resulting in an updated pheno that’s packing all of the party atmosphere of the Sunshine State but with Californian-level quality.

Formerly a Jungle Boys dispensary exclusive, this experimental OG Kush cultivar is now available from the MGS online store in the form of regular cannabis seeds. Although not the easiest strain to grow inside, it’s the perfect challenge for master growers and great for extract artists and outdoor cultivators who are lucky enough to live in a sunny environment. 

Florida Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Both LA Kush Cake and Triangle Kush have a similar flavour profile that’s earthy and vanilla-tinged with a notable peppermint exhale, but the latter also has a slight chemical kick that sets it apart from other OG strains. Florida Kush aroma is similar, with a strong citrus quality that smells a little like bleach or floor cleaner and its taste evokes a similar fruity quality with heavy skunk notes and a minty finish.

OG Kush strains are generally high in caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. Florida Kush (aka Florida OG) abundant terpenes also include alpha-pinene, which contributes its slightly clinical but refreshing, menthol flavour qualities to the strain’s otherwise Kush-typical aromatic profile. This particular terp is also known to increase alertness and inhibit acetylcholinesterase – a chemical that contributes to many of the adverse side effects of THC.

Florida Kush Strain Effects

Florida Kush effects are typical of an OG strain but supercharged by its high THC content. Expect a stimulating, sativa-influenced start to the high and a talkative, cerebrally-charged experience paired with prominent physically relaxing effects that will kill pain and bad vibes almost instantly. This sedative side becomes ever more intense as the hours pass or if consumed in excess – a signature feature of high-quality indica strains – but it shouldn’t send you to sleep unless you really overdo it. 

Although perfect for euphoric fun with friends in the hot sun, it should be noted that Florida Kush THC content is around 29.5%, which can be easily pushed into the low thirties if reared correctly. For experienced users, the strain’s high pinene content may mitigate some of its unwanted effects, but if you’re of a low THC tolerance, then we recommend opting for something with a little less fire to avoid getting burned.

Florida Kush Strain Medical Benefits

Although it’s usually CBD rich cannabis strains that are recommended for social anxiety, with this hybrid’s high levels of calming cannabinoids and stimulating alpha-pinene terps, it can act as an excellent lubricant if you struggle with social interaction. Inspiring cheerful and chatty mental clarity, many patients find weed grown from Florida Kush medical seeds is the perfect tonic for gaining that extra boost of confidence that’s sometimes needed to negate unwanted feelings of nervousness and unease. 

OG Kush strains are also famed for their analgesic action, and, as such, Florida Kush medical benefits also extend to pain relief. Acting directly on the body’s pain receptors while also promoting a relaxed and worry-free frame of mind, its effects can even relieve chronic pain, migraines, and menstrual cramps.

How to Grow Florida Kush Strain

Triangle Kush is, unfortunately, a tricky strain to bring to term in an indoor environment and requires careful PH controls and hot temperatures for a successful yield. Growing Florida Kush isn’t quite as challenging, as its mother strain is a little more user friendly. 

Producing bushy, indica-dominant plants that should be topped early to stop them growing too tall, these regular seeds are suitable for indoor growth if you’re prepared, but a warm, dry outdoor environment like that of its namesake state will offer the best results for beginner growers. 

Florida Kush flowering time is around eight-ten weeks from germination, and its chunky, sun-blessed buds come in shades of vivid green with golden hairs and total trichome coverage. Like Wedding Cake, it’s a tremendous resin producer and, although Florida Kush yields aren’t the biggest, these marijuana seeds are still an excellent choice for concentrate creators looking for fresh new flavours or experts seeking their next cannabis cultivating quest.