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Grandaddy Purple x TK Bx1

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Available as regular seeds from the clever folks over at Los Angeles based Jungle Boys Seeds, Florida Grapes is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with rich genetics. High in THC with a deep terpene profile, this beauty packs a potent and flavourful punch!

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Florida Grapes Strain Genetics

The Florida Grapes family tree is intriguing, twinning a living legend of the marijuana world, Grandaddy Purple (Mendo Purps x Skunk x Afghanistan) with the Jungle Boys’ Seed Co. creation TK Bx1 (A clone-only variety mixing Triangle Kush with one of its own children, Triangle Larry OG).

The wonderful  result is a delightful blend of classic strains, Skunk-heavy from one side and OG Kush-dominant from the other, combining to create a new twist on the traditional cannabis flavours and aromas we all love. Add to that a high THC level and marijuana seeds with grower-friendly traits, and you’re onto a Florida Kush influenced winner here!

Florida Grapes Strain Terpene Profile

With legendary, vintage strains at the heart of the heritage, you know you’re going to get that old-school, herbal, earthy tone on the exhale from the marvellous cannabis. That comes from the dominant terpene, myrcene, but is just the beginning of the complex terpene profile at play here.

Also present is caryophyllene, the spicy terpene that tingles the tonsils on the inhale, adding a peppery vibe. This is then softened and balanced out by the citrus-fruit, Florida orange tones of limonene and the piney, forest vibe of pinene. What you end up with here is a nuanced, detailed flavour that is far more than just the love letter to its heritage than Florida Grapes may initially appear to be.

Florida Grapes Strain Effects

The buzz of this Granddaddy Purple x TK Bx1 strain kicks in quickly and hangs around for a good long while. The best thing about such long-lasting effects is that you get to enjoy various stages of the high. Starting with an uplifting sensation for the mind, a full-body buzz slowly follows, relaxing joints, muscles, and limbs while you sink into the soft comfort of your sofa.

Perfect for after dinner, especially if you have friends over, the euphoric head high ensures that while your body may be in couchlock, you’ll still feel chatty and giggly, guaranteeing an entertaining night. The last stage of the buzz, if timed right, will allow you to drift off into a deep, restful sleep.

Florida Grapes Strain Medical Benefits

The parent of this hybrid strain, Grand Daddy Purp, is known as one of the top stress-relieving strains around, and that potential medical benefit has been handed down. The combination of rich cannabinoid and terp profiles means this strain may work with the body’s endocannabinoid system to lessen the effects of stress and the longevity of symptoms.

Additionally, the presence of caryophyllene combined with high THC content could possibly aid in supporting the relief of pain, binding to cannabinoid receptors in the body and softening the impact of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and recurring migraines.

How to Grow Florida Grapes Strain Seeds

An indoor flowering time of 8-10 weeks from germination for these cannabis seeds means you can enjoy the sublime taste of these dark green, orange and purple-hued buds in minimal time with little effort. Suitable for SOG and SCROG growing methods, a high indoor yield comes mainly from a large central cola, while dense, dank smelling buds can also be found across the short, strong branches.

This plant doesn’t spread too much, so it works well for indoor growers, but the outdoor yield is even more impressive! Dark, trichome covered, sometimes palm-sized nugs will be ready to harvest around mid-October time, but that classic, vintage smell will let you know these cannabis plants are coming long before that!