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Zkittlez Cake x Jungle Cake

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Candy Cake is as sweet as its name suggests, a highly potent, mammoth THC level strain from Jungle Boys Seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid is full of fruity, vanilla sweetness, with a buzz that’ll put you in your chair and make you never want to leave (in the best way!).

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Candy Cake Strain Genetics

Candy Cake is the child of two other Cakes, both of which have impressive GSC and Kush adjacent lineages of their own. On one side, you have Zkittlez Cake (Zkittlez x Wedding Cake), and on the other, Jungle Cake (Wi-Fi OG AKA White Fire OG #43 x Wedding Cake). So, that’s a lot of Wedding Cake, but any best man will tell you there’s no such thing as too much!

The Cookies heritage ensures this strain is sweet enough to back up both the Candy and the Cake in its name, but the rich and nuanced heritage ensure this is far more than just a one-note wonder. Expect impressive growing traits, a pungent scent, a high THC content, and a long-lasting high!

Candy Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Candy Cake marijuana seeds have, for the most part, a traditional terpene profile when it comes to Cookies and Kush strains, but in a game of who wore it better, this strain would have them all beat as the combination works to perfection here. if you like your strains fruity and sweet (think Sunset Sherbet), this is a great choice thanks to the combination of limonene and caryophyllene, providing that bakery sweet, vanilla-scented, tangy, fruity goodness on the inhale.

As far as the exhale, classic cannabis aromas are abundant thanks to the dominance of myrcene in the terpene profile of this Zkittlez Cake x Jungle Cake strain. Additionally, a little zest of humulene adds a slight hoppy twinge that keeps things interesting as the scent hangs in the air around you.

Candy Cake Strain Effects

It may be sweet on the surface, but this baby kicks like a mule! You may be used to uplifting, even mildly energetic sensations from the strains in the Candy Cake family tree, but with a THC level that gets near 30%, this one does things differently!

That happy head high is still there, a silly, giggly mood is pretty much guaranteed, but that’s going to be combined with something of a couch-lock effect, even if you go lightly. Basically, the advice for enjoying this strain is to make sure you’ve finished everything you needed to today, because short of sitting down and laughing a lot, you’re not getting anything else done!

Candy Cake Strain Medical Benefits

There are very few marijuana strains that will make you as sleepy as this one, so if you’re living with insomnia, there is definite medical marijuana potential here. The remarkably high THC content, combined with the relaxing effects of the terps, may result in assistance with falling asleep and a longer time spent sleeping, too.

The intense sense of relaxation created by the cannabinoid and terpene profiles may also support reducing symptoms of anxiety. Whether due to an existing condition or due to stress, anxiety is a problem for many, but the sedative, chilled buzz from this cannabis strain may aid in alleviating that issue!

How to Grow Candy Cake Strain Seeds

Trichomes for days, that’s what you’ll get when these big, heavy, dense buds are ready to go. If you’re growing indoors, then 8-10 weeks from germination is as long as you’ll have to wait. These Candy Cake cannabis seeds take little effort once germinated, responding well to SOG and SCROG methods, and needing little if any trimming.

Outdoor growers will see excellent yields from these regular seeds (feminized seeds not currently available), which should be ready to harvest in October when grown in greenhouses or outside in warm, dry climates. Inside and out, you’ll get greens, oranges, and purples decorating the long, thick nugs, each coated in so much resin it’ll look like they’ve been dipped in crystal, pungent-smelling crystal!