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Mitten Cake Batter x Jungle Cake

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Fresh out of the oven and proofed to perfection, Bakers Man is an indica-dominant Cookies strain from the Jungle Boys seed bank that’s sure to get your stomach rumbling with its sugary cakeshop flavour and powerful appetite boosting effects.

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Bakers Man Genetic Profile

Bakers Man lineage was born from a unique recipe that combines two half-baked breeds into a brand new cakery classic. Mitten Cake Batter – the Jungle Boys’ delicious doughy mix of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints – has expertly been paired with classic Jungle Cake – a Seed Junky Genetics cross of White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake – and their resulting oven-fresh offspring is a taste sensation worthy of Michelin stars.

Previously exclusive to the Jungle Boys dispensary, this gourmet phenotype is now available from the MGS online store as regular seeds, so there’s never been a better time to get cooking. Arguably the best thing since sliced bread, with Bakers Man marijuana seeds, indulgent flavours, potent indica-dominant effects, and easy growth, are just a few weeks wait away.

Bakers Man Strain Terpene Profile

Combining the exquisite cake flavours of its parents with a minty kush and chemical kick, Bakers Man flavour and aroma is a sweet treat for both the nose and tongue. A creamy vanilla background with hints of mothball, menthol, and citrus is met with a taste that’s like fresh-baked dough, and sugary icing with berries and a sweet herbal exhale. Deliciously decadent, it’s a profile Cookies strain connoisseurs are going to love pigging out on.

Bakers Man dominant terpene is caryophyllene, and it also features a complex mix of secondary and tertiary terpenes like myrcene and humulene. Increased levels of linalool and pinene with a hint of ocimene help transform its flavour into a sweet, minty melange accented by vanilla notes, while skunk-typical terps like limonene bring chemical and citrus elements into the mix.

Bakers Man Strain Effects

Bakers Man effects are slow-paced and pleasant, providing a relaxed, indica-dominant experience that’ll leave you smiling and satisfied. A little like an extra slice of cake or one too many doughnuts, at first you’ll feel hungry, happy and with a burst of sugary, THC-fuelled energy, but soon lethargy and sloth-like satisfaction will bring you down to couch level. Expect a heavy physical high at this point that lingers for hours after consumption or until you eventually submit to its sleep-inducing intensity.

Due to its powerful sedative impact and clouded effect on the mind, we recommend only long-time consumers attempt to take a bite out of this Mitten Cake Batter x Jungle Cake cross. Bakers Man THC level should measure at least 23% if cultivated correctly and will almost certainly lead to couchlock if you overindulge. Sample at your discretion, but keep that appetite under control if you want to stay awake!

Bakers Man Strain Medical Benefits

It’s usually the doctor – not the baker – that we consult when we’re feeling run down, but Bakers Man medical seeds are chock-full of therapeutic attributes that can help with a wide range of medical ailments. For example, is insomnia keeping you awake at night? The heavy-hitting sedative effects of this high THC/low CBD strain come with few negative consequences and make it ideal for instigating a peaceful night’s rest in patients who are otherwise unsuitable for over-the-counter medication.

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread to get your appetite going, but those with food disorders or chronic nausea often find it more difficult to maintain healthy eating habits than the average individual. THC stimulates both the release of Ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger and speeds up digestion, and the forebrain’s olfactory bulb, making food smell and taste better. This powerful response means Bakers Man medical benefits are particularly suited to those suffering from a loss of appetite.

How to Grow Bakers Man Strain

Similar to Wedding Cake, growing Bakers Man marijuana seeds is relatively simple and produces highly resinous, stubby plants that grow in an indica-typical growth style. Suitable for super cropping and indoor or outdoor cultivation, high temperatures and a decent humidity will be required for successful growth, so invest in a good dehumidifier for your grow tent if you opt for the former. Although a decent producer on its own, growers can easily bump Bakers Man yields to maximum by adjusting their lighting or with a few simple training techniques to help promote new bud growth.

Bakers Man flowering time is a quickfire eight-ten weeks from germination when chunky, super sticky, crystal-coated flowers in shades of deep green and subtle pink and purple will begin to form along its branches. An excellent choice for concentrate creators, but also casual cannabis cultivators, though autoflowering plants will flower faster and a feminised strain eliminates the possibility of producing males, with these high-performing regular seeds working for you, gardeners of all abilities can grow top-shelf, California-quality cannabis at home with little previous experience.