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Velvet Cookies x Black Cherry Pie

by In House Genetics

A sweet and fruity cannabis strain from the In-House Genetics seed company, Velvet Pie is a balanced indica/sativa hybrid with a chilled yet uplifting buzz and a high THC level.

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Velvet Pie Strain Genetics

Velvet Pie (Velvet Pie F2 to its friends) is a new strain with some secrets still to hold, but a lot can be discerned from these hybrid cannabis seeds’ genetic background. One thing you can be sure of here is you’ll find many traits of the seedbank legend, OG Kush, like dense, heavy nugs and an uplifting high.

One side of the family tree is provided by Velvet Cookies (Thin Mint GSC x Pinkman), with the other coming from Black Cherry Pie (Blackberry Kush x Cherry Pie). That’s a background blending Kush, Cookies, and a subtle trace of Diesel strains to create a unique yet familiar flavour and aroma profile.

Velvet Pie Strain Terpene Profile

Talking of the tastes and smells of this beautiful marijuana strain, the exciting treats for the senses come via the dominant terpenes present, which are headlined by the classic GSC mix of limonene (fruity) and caryophyllene (peppery), which creates that blend of sugar-sweet, sour citrus fruit, and slightly spicy flavours that tap-dance on the tongue long after exhale.

Another Velvet pie abundant terpene is myrcene, responsible for that skunk-scented aroma of earthy, herbal wonder that lingers in the room in a way reminiscent not only of Kush but also of the Afghani strains deep in the heritage of this Velvet Cookies x Black Cherry Pie strain.

Velvet Pie Strain Effects

The effects here should be relatively recognisable for cannaisseurs, especially those with a penchant for the Kush and Afghani landrace genetic lines. There are two parts to the fast-acting, long-lasting high here, and pleasingly they both kick in simultaneously, complementing each other perfectly.

A full-body buzz removing all tension from the limbs is almost immediately apparent, while a more uplifting, euphoric sensation for the mind ensures that while you’re relaxed, you are also focused and creative. Perfect for brainstorming ideas or just engaging in longer-than-necessary conversations with loved ones about philosophical subjects!

Velvet Pie Strain Medical Benefits

The potential medical benefits of this cannabis strain are still being evaluated, but reports from consumers have suggested that one of the biggest possible perks is stress relief. The incredible buzz of this high THC content strain (around 22%), combined with the folk medicine history of limonene, may aid in reducing the severity (and maybe longevity) of stress symptoms.

Additionally, this strain also connects lovingly with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which aids in the control of feelings of hunger. This may well help in the increase of such sensations in those struggling with a lack of appetite for any reason. More than just the munchies, this strain could assist in rejuvenating a healthy appetite.

How to Grow Velvet Pie Strain Seeds 

The flowering time of these Velvet Pie regular marijuana seeds (feminized and autoflowering seeds not currently offered) is not the quickest, taking upwards of nine weeks in most cases, but the results are more than worth the wait. There may be some length to the branches here, so be sure to get your pruning fingers ready!

For outdoor and greenhouse growers, harvest time should fall around the 1st or 2nd week of October with these trouble-free seeds, and the relatively durable plants should make the process fairly simple for you. Whether growing these regular seeds inside or out, one thing you can expect is an impressively high yield of stunning pale green, orange, and purple buds, wearing a sensational coat of crystal-covered trichomes