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Allen Wrench x OOKB

by In House Genetics

An indica-dominant hybrid from the In-House Genetics seeds bank, Tropical Kush is a high THC treat for the senses. A sweet and spicy, tropical fruity-scented cannabis strain with a euphoric, uplifting high.

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Tropical Kush Strain Genetics

Tropical Kush cannabis seeds are the product of two seedbank favourites, Allen Wrench (Trainwreck x NYC Diesel) and OOKB (Secret Weapon x OGKB), combined to perfect effect to create one of the best new strains. A blend of sweet and sour flavours and aromas with an exotic fruit undertone comes from its impressive cannabis genetics.

Additionally, inherited growing traits include a fast-flowering time and durable plants, while a high THC content of over 20% is also handed down from the proud parent strains. The landrace, OG Kush, and Diesel strains in the family tree really pay off for this In-House Genetics strain.

Tropical Kush Strain Terpene Profile

The flavours and scents of this hybrid strain come from the rich terpene profile that is headlined by the spicy, peppery tones of caryophyllene, passed down from the Diesel strains in the heritage and providing that petrol-tinged taste on the exhale.

The inhale involves a dose of citrus fruit tingles, which is provided by another terpene, limonene. The scent brings some of that old school skunk-like herbal niceness thanks to the presence of myrcene, while little touches of pine are provided by another dominant terpene, pinene.

Tropical Kush Strain Effects

While there are undoubtedly relaxing effects to this cannabis strain, the high is characterized by an uplifting, energetic feeling that is likely to make you both giggly and talkative. Conducive with focus and attention, the buzz makes this a great daytime strain, especially after lunch when the day might be slowing down a little for you. The burst of energy and focus this smooth smoke offers can guide you through the rest of a busy day.

A fine choice of evening strain, too, laughs and long conversations with loved ones are a guarantee with the effects of this cannabis hybrid.

Tropical Kush Strain Medical Benefits

Tropical Kush medical benefits are many-fold, with reports of assistance with pain relief. The caryophyllene and THC combination present will bind to cannabinoid receptors and may aid the body’s pain responses and could soften the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Another possible benefit of this marijuana strain is the reduction of stress symptoms. Stress can be associated with day-to-day events or as a result of a long-term condition, and the cannabinoid and terp blend of this feminized strain may support the lessening of effects of stress in both cases.

How to Grow Tropical Kush Strain Seeds

When growing Tropical Kush cannabis seeds indoors, the flowering time can be as quick as nine weeks from germination with little effort required. As long as you change the lighting occasionally, nothing else should be necessary. Taking after the indica rather than the sativa strains in its genetics, the plants grow short, compact, and durable.

Outdoor growers will also find the process pleasingly simple, although a green¡ is recommended outside in cooler climates. Outside, harvest time should fall around the 1st or 2nd week of October.

Whether you are growing these feminised tropical seeds (autoflower and regular seeds not currently available) inside or outdoors, one thing you can rely on is a high yield of dense, heavy, forest green buds with flecks of purple colouring. These beautiful nugs will be coated by a layer of crystal trichomes, perfect for resin extraction, and will release a delicate smell of sour fruits that will fill your nostrils with joy!