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Buckeye Purple x Do-Si-Dos

by In House Genetics

From the smart minds over at In-House Genetics, Square Dance is a fruity, high-quality indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain with stacked genetics and a deep, rich terpene profile.

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Square Dance Strain Genetics

Square Dance feminised seeds are the product of two strains with immense genetics, Buckeye Purple (Gorilla Grape x Granddaddy Purple) and Do-Si-Dos (OGKB x Face-Off OG). With OG Kush in the genes, along with Big Bud and others, there’s a myriad of impressive traits passed down through the family tree here.

Not only are large, heavy buds, fast flowering times, and generally easy growing traits a result of the heritage, but this impressive marijuana strain has also inherited a wide range of exquisite flavour.

Square Dance Strain Terpene Profile

Earthy, floral flavours and aromas with hints of citrus are very apparent with this In-House strain, with the classic, herbal Afghan, Kush and Skunk tones being provided by myrcene, the terpene responsible for the traditional weed smell and present in the majority of cannabis strains.

The floral vibes of the scent and taste, especially on the inhale, come from another familiar terpene, linalool, while the undertones of sweet, tangy citrus fruits are a result of another Square Dance dominant terp, limonene. A collection of old-school marijuana flavours combined to create a unique profile that you’re sure to savour from the first time you taste it.

Square Dance Strain Effects

There’s an interesting mix of effects created by this high THC level (over 20%) strain. Buckeye Purple is a famously couch-locking strain, and there’s definitely that potential here. However, on the other side, you have Dosidos, a strain with a more uplifting, euphoric feeling strain.

This mix can lead to a two-part buzz, starting with a potent, sedating sensation that sticks you to the sofa before being followed by a breezier, more energetic mental buzz, perfect for copious deep and meaningful conversations throughout the night! The ideal after-dinner treat, this is a great hybrid strain for the end of the day.

Square Dance Strain Medical Benefits

The medical benefit potential is multi-faceted here, with one of the main reported perks being for those living with insomnia. The relaxing, sedating effects of this marijuana strain can be potent and fast-acting, aiding with not only getting to sleep but also possibly reducing occurrences of waking up during the night.

Despite fairly low CBD levels, the high THC content combined with the terpenes present may also aid in the reduction of pain by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This could support the relief of joint pain associated with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

How to Grow Square Dance Strain Seeds

With an indoor growing time of as little as eight weeks from germination, these feminized cannabis seeds (autoflowering seeds not currently available) boast a fast flowering period and require no more than occasional light changes and the odd pruning from the grower. Despite the small amount of effort necessary, you will be rewarded with a high yield of heavy and dense nugs taking up your grow room.

For outdoor and greenhouse growers, these fem marijuana seeds create durable cannabis plants that show good resistance to mould, spider mites, and cold temperatures, but regularly checking and caring for your crop is advisable. Outside you can expect a harvest around early October, again with a high yield of colourful buds. Pink and purple hues, orange pistils, lime green buds, and a coat of trichomes mean you will truly taste the rainbow!