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Dosidos x Purple Punch

by In House Genetics

The In-House Genetics breeding program’s secret weapon, Slurricane, is an internationally-renowned, indica-dominant hybrid with delicious sugarberry flavours and effects that hit like a tidal wave.

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Slurricane Strain Genetics

Slurricane lineage isn’t particularly special, but by blending Dosidos and Purple Punch cannabis strains DNA, the In-House Genetics seed bank have stumbled upon a secret formula for success. This winning combination has resulted in gorgeous looking plants that are brimming with delicious tropical terps and psychoactive potential but are also simple and rewarding to grow.

Released to universal acclaim and helping In-House achieve global recognition, Slurricane marijuana seeds are now available from MGS in a feminized format, making growing this popular high THC, low CBD cultivar at home easier than ever. 

Slurricane Terpene Profile

In-House Genetics Slurricane flavour is an OG/tropical mix of Kush and fruit with hidden notes of spice and sweet hashish revealing themselves on the exhale. Grape and blueberry combine with creamy, Gelato-like cookies flavours, softening the tart taste of Purple Punch, while the strain’s aroma is pure pine and exotic fruit.

Although a limonene-rich cultivar, Slurricane abundant terpenes also include beta and alpha-pinene and caryophyllene. There are many techniques growers can use to boost terpene production in cannabis plants, including LTS or using sugar additives like molasses to promote flower growth, and these are excellent choices for extract artists hoping to make the most of the plant’s delicious flavour profile.

Slurricane Strain Effects

Slurricane’s effects don’t have the whirlwind-like cerebral impact of a sativa, but once the strain’s indica-influenced qualities take hold and a hazy fog descends upon your mind, you’ll see how it came upon its name. Hitting like a tidal wave that washes all worries away, even experienced users may struggle to avoid crashing out on the sofa as they’re plunged into the deepest depths of relaxation.

Slurricane THC levels are high, with tests showing an average of 21% if cured and cultivated under optimum conditions. Its effects are incredibly pleasant but can quickly incapacitate, so save this strain for before bed when it can be properly savoured.

Slurricane Strain Medical Benefits

Slurricane medical seeds have already made their mark on the medical cannabis community. Many patients recommend this strain as a sleep aid; its powerful sedative effect on the central nervous system provides effective assistance to those with insomnia conditions. 

Slurricane medical benefits also include pain and inflammation relief. Caryophyllene and THC make an excellent analgesic duo, and unlike opioid drugs, their side effects are minimal. Even patients with chronic inflammatory conditions like gastroenteritis may benefit from its curative effects.

How to Grow Slurricane Strain

Whether you have previous experience cultivating cannabis seeds or are just starting out, growing Slurricane marijuana seeds at home is accessible and easy. Robust genetics mean that these feminized seeds can be cultivated in almost any environment and are loaded with resistances to protect against the elements. Producing medium/tall plants with oversized, sugar-coated buds, Slurricane yields may not be the biggest, but the pheno’s quality is without comparison. 

Once Slurricane flowering time rolls around, things really begin to get interesting. Around nine-ten weeks from germination, this cultivar will acquire beautiful fall colours, with shades of purple and violet joining its amber and olive green hues. These come courtesy of anthocyanins, which can be increased if this Dosidos x Purple Punch plant is exposed to colder temperature late in the growth cycle.