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Platinum x Purple Hulk

by In House Genetics

With a colour set to rival the Marvel Comics monster, Platinum Purple Hulk is an incredible indica-dominant purple kush strain from In-House Genetics that hits just as hard as its superhero namesake. 

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Platinum Purple Hulk Strain Genetics

Platinum Purple Hulk lineage is a premium blend of Platinum x Purple Hulk. While the latter – a suped-up Granddaddy Purple x Big Bud cross – brings its luxuriant purple colours and indica-dominant punch to the pheno, Platinum – an In-House seed bank evolution of GSC that features Durban Poison and OG Kush DNA – ensures its terpene profile doesn’t stray too far from the gassy flavours the breeder seems to love.

As this American monster has been previously limited to clone shops dotted throughout the US, pheno-hunters worldwide will be delighted to hear that Platinum Purple Hulk marijuana seeds are now available from MGS as a regular flowering variety. 

Platinum Purple Hulk Strain Terpene Profile

Like many strains from In-House Genetics, Platinum Purple Hulk aroma is diesel-dominant with a pungent chemical citrus scent that’s a common feature of the Afghan family. Subtle grape and blackberry accents passed down from Granddaddy Purple, spice, and a herbal taste accompany these gassy flavours when its flowers are combusted and the smoke inhaled.

Platinum Purple Hulk dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and myrcene. Scientists haven’t identified anyone chemical responsible for the gassy scent that Afghani cannabis strains possess, but most believe it to be a combination of earthier terpenes like these two, as well as sharper-smelling terps like linalool and alpha-pinene.

Platinum Purple Hulk Strain Effects

Like many high THC, low CBD indica strains, Platinum Purple Hulk effects can be very sedating. Its impact is predominantly physical with potent painkilling properties, but users can also expect a clear-headed, euphoric experience if consumption is kept low. In higher doses, Platinum Purple Hulk weed will cause a marked increase in appetite and feelings of drowsiness. 

Platinum Purple Hulk THC levels average in the mid-twenties. Previous tests have shown its content can range between 19-25.6%, which explains its strong sedative effects. Users who are more interested in a cerebral experience should choose a sativa-dominant variety.

Platinum Purple Hulk Strain Medical Benefits

Platinum Purple Hulk medical benefits are dispensary-grade and are particularly useful for fighting pain. High THC caryophyllene-rich phenotypes are great in this regard as this specific terpene is known to disrupt signal pathways involved with pain, while its activity is potentiated by cannabinoids like THC; the two chemicals interacting synergistically with each other for greater benefit.

This plant’s stimulating effect on a user’s appetite lends it additional curative potential. Medical marijuana patients with nausea or food-related disorders may find the ‘munchies inducing’ qualities of Platinum Hulk medical seeds to be exactly what’s needed to regain their regular eating routine.

How to Grow Platinum Purple Hulk Strain

Growing Platinum Purple Hulk cannabis seeds at home has never been possible until now, but this isn’t due to difficulty. Cultivators will find these regular seeds are easy to grow in almost any environment, and their strong indica genetics ensure the plant stays compact. Platinum Purple Hulk yields are medium-average according to In-House Genetics and may be increased further if greenhouse growers decide to go the aeroponic or hydroponic route. 

Expect robust and resinous plants that bloom in fierce green and purple colours – just like their Marvel superhero namesake – with plenty of giant, trichome-covered buds. These unusual shades can be intensified if the cultivar is exposed to colder temperatures towards the end of the flowering cycle. Platinum Purple Hulk flowering time is about nine weeks from germination, so make sure to plan ahead accordingly to avoid getting caught unawares.