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by In House Genetics

For those with a passion for fruity buds and heavy-hitting indica highs, Mother of All Cherries is a rare In-House Genetics marijuana hybrid with a visually striking appearance and a rich, ripe tasting terpene profile.

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Mother of All Cherries Strain Genetics

Mother of All Cherries lineage is an In-House Genetics spin on a Maine classic. Hailing from the Pine Tree State, Mother of Berries (aka MOAB) is a rare and resinous indica pheno that lives up to its Blueberry parent. By blending this together with Cherry Pie – a Grandaddy Purple x Durban Poison cross and In-House favourite – the seedbank has created a fabulous fruity alternative with similar hard-hitting effects. 

This delicious candy cultivar is now available from MGS as regular seeds. Easy to grow at home and producing beautiful purple-tinged plants with fat, finger-like flowers, embrace your maternal side with this high-calibre hybrid from In-House Genetics.

Mother of All Cherries Strain Terpene Profile

This strain’s flavour profile is hardly a secret. As its name suggests, Mother of All Cherries aroma is uniformly sweet and dominated by the undertones of cherries and summer berries. When combusted, MOAC weed produces thick and acrid smokes that’s unforgiving on the lungs but boasts a rich and tangy fruit taste, with a secondary hit of sweetness taming these sour flavours slightly on the exhale.

Mother of All Cherries dominant terpenes are primarily myrcene and caryophyllene. Myrcene can be extracted from many natural sources like wild time, lemongrass, and mangoes. Along with chemicals like methyl anthranilate, this terpene is responsible for the berry flavours found in many cannabis strains.

Mother of All Cherries Strain Effects

Mother of All Cherries effects are quick to take hold, beginning with an intense and immediate headrush that can catch unaccustomed users off guard. Although classified as an indica-dominant strain, its approach is more balanced than some other more sedating phenos. Its sativa-like cerebral qualities will elevate you to a heightened mental state where some have even reported experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations before the body high kick in, gently guiding your body to a place of calming relaxation.

Pairing perfectly with music, movies, or any creative exploration, Mother of All Cherries THC can range from 17-23%, depending on the curing process. Its indica side will quickly lead to couchlock in low-tolerance users, so we suggest saving this one for the evening at the earliest to avoid getting caught short.

Mother of All Cherries strain Medical Benefits

Mother of All Cherries medical benefits include pain relief, and patients with short-term or chronic conditions may find its curative profile of use. Cannabis can be a great pain distracter, but some studies have shown that cannabinoids like THC and CBD can actually alter pain pathways in the brain while reducing inflammation at its source, making it more effective in many ways than opioid medications.

Myrcene and THC have a different active effect. Together, these two strings of molecules bring about a strong sedative influence on the central nervous system, which, in more potent strains, can be utilized as a powerful relaxation aid. Cannabis grown from Mother of All Cherries medical seeds may be an effective treatment for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

How to Grow Mother of All Cherries Strain

Mother of All Cherries marijuana seeds flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination, and this is when the magic begins. Producing elongated, well-formed flowers that look like miniature cypress trees, with deep purple leaves, orange pistils, and a spattering of snowy white trichomes, she’s a beautiful plant to behold, and growers wanting to bring out her signature hues should drop nighttime temperatures down by 10 to 15 degrees just before flowering begins.

Although suitable for most environments, if you’re planning on growing Mother of All Cherries regular cannabis seeds outside, she’ll require a sem-humid climate. With indica-typical characteristics, expect bushy growth and a dense network of side branching that adapts ideally to a SCROG set-up. To boost Mother of All Cherries yields further, growers should ensure to properly defoliate to increase the plant’s overall light exposure during the vegetative stage.