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LA Confidential x Platinum

by In House Genetics

Offering bag-appeal, big yields, and some of the finest flavours you could ever ask for, La Platina is the high-quality indica-dominant hybrid that keeps on giving and a testament to the ingenuity of the In-House Genetics breeding program. 

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La Platina Strain Genetics

A firm favourite of Willie’s Reserve – the marijuana company founded by country music singer and cannabis advocate, Willie Nelson – and brought to you by the In-House Genetics seed bank, La Platina lineage combines two cannabis legends from the good ol’ USA – the eminent LA Confidential and Platinum (aka Platinum Cookies). This monstrous heritage, which can be traced to AAA strains like Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, has resulted in a formidable indica-dominant allrounder.

As their name suggests, La Platina cannabis seeds are platinum-quality. Robust, resilient and suitable for most setups, growers of all abilities can look forward to quality harvests, a quick flowering period, and beautiful terp-rich plants from these AAA female marijuana seeds.

La Platina Terpene Profile

The La Platina marijuana strain flavour is smooth and piney, filling your nose and lungs with a refreshing berry taste, followed by notes of sweet cherries, skunk, and spice. Its classic skunk aroma is strong and sour but doesn’t linger around too long, but may still turn a few heads when the plant is in full flower. 

Myrcene and caryophyllene are La Platina dominant terpenes, and it’s the former that’s responsible for its skunky smell. Fruits like mangos are also myrcene-rich, while caryophyllene is more commonly found in spices, particularly black pepper. Both of these terpenes also possess unique psychoactive and potentially medical properties.

La Platina Strain Effects

The perfect plant for those who like to keep their energy levels in balance, La Platina’s initial euphoric effects – a byproduct of its sativa genes – won’t make you dizzy or overstimulated, but they will eventually subside into firm relaxation. Many users have reported hunger and a numbing sensation throughout the body while under its influence. This experience can either be utilized for its curative potential or simply enjoyed in a recreational capacity, making La Platina weed particularly multi-purpose.  

La Platina high THC levels average between 20-25%, and its CBD level is low, but this, of course, depends on how well the plant is cultivated and cured. Although it might make your brain little foggy, experienced users won’t have any issue coping with its strength, but newcomers should keep consumption low. Enjoy this strain in the evening to make the best of its indica effects. 

La Platina Strain Medical Benefits

La Platina medical benefits include treating nausea and appetite improvement. When the stomach is empty, it releases a hormone called ghrelin – a message to the brain that it’s time to look for food – and researchers have found that THC-dominant cannabis strains like La Platina can trigger a ghrelin surge. Those suffering from eating disorders like anorexia or the side effects of chemotherapy may find these effects especially useful. 

La Platina medical seeds are also packed with analgesic potential. Lifting pain and aches from the body, their therapeutic effects can even give immediate pain relief to patients with chronic conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, or those healing from injury.

How to Grow La Platina Strain

It may be only a medium-sized plant, but La Platina yields are large and can be boosted even further if grown using a SOG or SCROG setup. These female seeds are okay for inside setups but great for those who prefer to grow their weed the natural way as, like most flowers or fruit trees, they respond best to genuine sun exposure. That said, they don’t require any sort of special flowering light schedule and will producing healthy indica-typical plants with average size lime-green buds, orange hairs and frosted trichomes aplenty. 

Fully grown before you know it, La Platina flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination, making the cultivation process swift and simple, whether you’re an expert or first-timer.

Growing marijuana plants doesn’t have to be a daunting process, and this easy strain is a great example. In-House Genetics make it their business to produce seeds that anyone can cultivate, so why not give growing La Platina seeds at home a try and see how quick and easy your first growing season can be?