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Purple Punch x Jelly Breath

by In House Genetics

Bringing loads of bag appeal and big flavours to match, Jelly Sickle is a formidable indica-dominant hybrid from In-House Genetics with a herby cookies taste and glittering green and purple flowers that are sure to dazzle aesthetically inspired cultivators.

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Jelly Sickle Strain Genetics

We hope you’re ready for this pheno because Jelly Sickle marijuana seeds are an absolute genetic stroke of genius. Crafted by the In-House genetics seed bank, this fabulous feminized cultivar wears its purple colours proud and comes coated in a layer of glittering crystals, making it a stellar choice for growers looking for a little visual variety. Along with classic Purple Punch DNA, Jelly Sickle lineage also includes the lesser-known Jelly Breath – a grape-flavoured Mendo Breath x Dosidos cut with a heavy OG Kush heritage.

The end result of this exclusive pairing is an irresistible indica-leaning cannabis strain with a sweet and herby flavour profile, a high THC/low CBD level, and easily tamable growth. An excellent option for beginner growers, Jelly Sickle, is now available from MGS as feminized seeds.

Jelly Sickle Strain Terpene Profile

Expect plenty of intense terps from this evocative marijuana strain. Jelly Sickle aroma borrow elements from Mendo Breath, namely its sweet vanilla and caramel notes, but these are dominated by earthier scents and the smell of fresh herbs. Its taste is comparable – a dank earthy blend of kush and cookies flavours, with heavy diesel accents hiding a subtle aftertaste of grape jelly.

Jelly Sickle abundant terpenes include limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-humulene. The latter gets its name from Humulus lupulus – better known as the hop plant – but it’s also found in sage and tobacco and has shown tremendous potential as an anti-inflammatory agent and insect repellant.

Jelly Sickle Strain Effects

Jelly Sickle effects are indica-leaning, and users most often comment on its powerful relaxing effects on the body. It does boast some slightly spacey cerebral effects, lacking the focus and concentration that often comes from limonene-rich strains, but these won’t turn your brain to jelly-like an overpowered sativa. Expect a pleasant numbing sensation from head to toe and a calming of the mind that may eventually lead to mild sedation.

Jelly Sickle THC levels aren’t excessively high, which allows beginners to enjoy its benefits as well as veteran users. Analysis has shown an average of 17.1%, but depending on the curing process and cultivation methods used by growers, this could be boosted further. As it’s still a THC-dominant strain, consumers should still consume this Purple Punch x Jelly Breath cross in moderation to avoid any overly encumbering effects.

Jelly Sickle Strain Medical Benefits

Jelly Sickle medical benefits can be applied to a variety of health conditions. Studies have shown that caryophyllene and humulene both affect the activation of inflammatory mediators in the body. This gives them pronounced anti-inflammatory properties that can be used by medical marijuana users to reduce joint pain and swelling or even manage chronic conditions like gastroenteritis.

This inflammatory effect can also help reduce pain at its source. With the added benefit of THC, which is itself a potent analgesic, the strain’s ability to reduce swelling can provide immediate pain relief, and this makes Jelly Sickle medical seeds an excellent choice for those healing from recent injury.

How to Grow Jelly Sickle Strain 

Growing Jelly Sickle seeds is a joy from germination to harvest as these fem seeds have been carefully engineered with easy cultivation in mind. The plant’s green and purple colours are a sight to behold and can be brought out further by lowering the temperature during the flowering stage. Heavy trichome production gives the pheno an even glitzier look come harvest time, adding patches of white highlights to its heavyset buds.

Jelly Sickle flowering time is eight-nine weeks, and once these feminized seeds are in the ground, there isn’t too much more work required. Suitable for SCROG and SOG, which are excellent options for boosting Jelly Sickle yields even further, this cultivar suitable for indoor setups, greenhouses or old-fashioned outdoor growth.