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Platinum x Gorilla Gloo x Grateful Breath

by In House Genetics

Goliath is a potent and somewhat spicy, Kush-heavy indica strain from In-House Genetics currently available as regular seeds. Expect high-quality, dense buds with sublime scents of earthy, fruity goodness and potent effects.

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Goliath Strain Genetics

Goliath marijuana seeds are a mix of three legendary seedbank mainstays and immensely popular strains, Platinum (Master Kush x OG Kush x unknown strain), Gorilla Gloo (a Gorilla Glue pheno, Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel), and Grateful Breath (OGKB x Joseph OG).

That’s a lot of OG Kush genetics, but not only that, the addition of various Diesel based strains in the family tree ensures variety in both flavours and effects of this cannabis strain. A blend of uplifting and couch-locking strains is an intriguing experience even for hardened cannaisseurs. Additionally, a fast flowering time and high yield have also been inherited from the parent strains.

Goliath Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of this cannabis strain is as intriguing as its genetic background. The Kush lineage ensures that traditional herbal, earthy, skunk-like aroma on exhale is due to the presence of a common cannabis terpene, myrcene.

The peppery tones, especially on inhale, are due to the spicy, petrol-tinged terpene that is caryophyllene, while the fruity, sweet citrus tingle is due to a slightly less common dominant terpene on marijuana strains, ocimene, a flavourful terp which is also found in orchids, parsley, and mint.

Goliath Strain Effects

Goliath benefits from a two-part buzz, starting with a GG4 style couch-lock, a sedating, full-body effect that makes movement far from tempting, while a peaceful, chill high for the mind lends itself to this sudden passion for rest and relaxation.

The second stage is where the Kush heritage kicks in, a more uplifting, euphoric vibe. While the body will remain fully relaxed, alleviating tension in the joints and muscles for the whole long-lasting buzz, there is a more focused and energetic sensation for the mind, giving you the perfect fuel for interesting conversations before drifting off into dream-filled sleep.

Goliath Strain Medical Benefits

There is a range of potential medical benefits that are most commonly reported by consumers of this marijuana strain. The first is the reduction of stress symptoms due to anxiety-related conditions or lifestyle changes. The high THC level (around 20%) and terpene content may work with the body to reduce stress.

Another possible medical benefit is the relief of the symptoms of chronic pain condition. The endocannabinoid system is part of the body’s pain response system, and the caryophyllene and cannabinoids in this indica strain may support this system in lessening the effects of pain related to migraines, fibromyalgia, and more.

How to Grow Goliath Strain Seeds

Goliath regular cannabis seeds (autoflowering seeds and feminised seeds not currently available) earn their name through the high yields that can be produced in a pleasingly swift flowering period, taking as little as eight weeks from germination in some cases and rarely necessitating longer than ten weeks. SOG and SCROG methods work well here, and shy of light changes, there isn’t much more the grower needs to do.

For outdoor and greenhouse growers, a late September harvest is expected. Mediterranean style climates create the best results here, especially if the cannabis plants are exposed to the elements. As long as the temperature is suitable and the plants are cared for, high yields of beautiful lime green, large tight buds will greet you at harvest time.