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Larry OG x Perma Frost

by In House Genetics

Frost Bite is a balanced and resin-rich cannabis hybrid from In-House Genetics with a cool refreshing flavour and invigorating sativa-dominant effects to help you stay frosty throughout the day.

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Frost Bite Strain Genetics

Frost Bite lineage blends two wonderful cannabis strains –  the indica-heavy Larry OG – an OG Kush x SFV OG cross that’s sometimes known as Lemon Larry – with Perma Frost, resulting in a balanced sativa-dominant hybrid that really brings home the bling-bling. Inheriting powerful effects, punchy flavours and from the latter – a sativa pheno with unconfirmed origins – its trademark crystal-coating, this show-stopping strain will add style and sophistication to any garden while yielding plenty of THC-rich marijuana bud. 

Frost Bite marijuana seeds are an original creation from the In-House Genetics seed bank, and though there are others that share the strain’s wintry moniker, this one is a stone-cold stunner and no mistake. Now available from MGS as feminized seeds, this cool cannabis cultivar is also easy to grow and makes a superb choice as a starting strain for novices. 

Frost Bite Strain Terpene Profile

Frost Bite aroma is spicy and fruity with powerful skunk undertones. Its taste is a matter of debate, but some users report that it sticks closer to its Larry OG routes, offering the sour pine and petrol flavours befitting a Kush strain of its heritage. Others claim Frost Bite weeds tastes just like a refreshing cup of herbal tea, with berry accents and a skunky citrus twist on the exhale.

Frost Bite dominant terpenes include myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene, and these can appear in various concentrations. This rich concoction of aromatic compounds explains its elusive flavour, as growers may notice slightly different qualities from each individual plant.

Frost Bite Strain Effects

Despite its balanced genetic profile, Frost Bite effects lean towards the sativa-dominant side of the spectrum. Its high THC, low CBD effects are very long-lasting and will linger up to two hours after initial consumption, beginning with an uplifting cerebral buzz and feelings of elation. As time ticks on, users can expect hunger, euphoric waves, and sleepiness as the psychoactive experience reaches its end.

Frost Bite THC level can differ significantly depending on the curing and cultivation process. If growers decide to implement cannabinoid boosting methods, they can expect a max THC content of around 21%, while regular growth will more than likely produce levels in the high teens. If consumed moderately, this Larry OG x Perma Frost plant is suitable for daytime use, but overdo it, and its couch-locking effects could quickly ruin your day.

Frost Bite Strain Medical Benefits

Sativa-dominant marijuana strains are often good for aiding attention. Frost Bite weed is excellent in this regard as its sedative effect on the central nervous system can help calm hyperactive thoughts and help medical marijuana patients focus on one task at a time. As such, Frost Bite medical benefits are perfectly geared to those with ADHD and similar disorders

High THC strains such as this can provide a powerful and immediate relief from depression. Frost Bite medical seeds are rich with serotonin-boosting cannabinoids that can help improve mood much faster than traditional medications, even if only temporarily.

How to Grow Frost Bite Strain

Those planning on growing Frost Bite cannabis seeds indoors should ensure they have enough vertical space as its sativa genes may cause some stretching during the nine-week flowering period. Producing dank, frost-bitten buds with light green/deep purple colours and a snowy coating of sticky white trichomes, it’s easy to see how this plant gets its name and concentrate creators will struggle to find a bigger resin producer.

Frost Bite yields are significant, and its stems may bend or break under the weight of its heavy flowers if not adequately supported. This is easy to remedy, but growers should ensure to do so before Frost Bite flowering time begins, which will be around eight-nine weeks from germination.