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Forbidden Fruit x Jelly Breath

by In House Genetics

In House Genetics Forbidden Jelly is a heavily indica dominant (only 10% sativa) hybrid cannabis strain that offers the smoker rich, fruit-filled flavours and a fast-acting, potent high.

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Forbidden Jelly Strain Genetics

The lineage runs deep with these fem cannabis seeds. One side of the parentage represented by Forbidden Fruit (a seedbank mainstay and mouthwatering cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie), and the other the responsibility of Jelly Breath (an equally immense Mendo Breath x Do-Si-Dos cross).

This results in a most intriguing mix of strains decorating the family tree, including, but not limited to, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Durban Poison, Chemdawg, Skunk #1, Trainwreck, and White Widow. That’s a lot, no doubt, but it’s not too much. It almost feels like this marijuana strain has cherry-picked the absolute best traits of every strain in its heritage to create a glorious explosion for the senses.

Forbidden Jelly Strain Terpene Profile

We are still collating information on the terpene profile of this In House Genetics Seeds strain, but thanks to the genetics and the flavours and aromas, we can make some confident, educated guesses. The scent of this strain, reminiscent of the Kush and Skunk strains in its blood, is almost certainly a sign of the presence of the classic cannabis terp, myrcene.

The most dominant flavour is that of mangoes and citrus fruits, likely to be caused by the presence of limonene, a terpene also found in the rinds of lemons and limes. On the inhale, you’ll feel more than a little tickle on the throat, passed down from those Diesel grandparents and provided by another terpene, the peppery caryophyllene. There’s a touch of pine on exhale, too, suggesting pinene may well be involved.

Forbidden Jelly Strain Effects

A deep stone is the rapid response of the body and mind to the introduction of Forbidden Jelly and its high THC level (around 20%). Don’t expect to get anything done after consumption, making this a great late-night strain but not a suitable daytime choice (except for Sundays, it’s excellent for Sundays!).

First, the body, mild couch-lock and full-body relaxation for the joints and muscles will take over quickly. The body is swiftly followed by the mind, similar effects here, chill, sedative, with a dollop of euphoria in there too, so you’ll be lying back in a state of pure zen with the biggest smile on your face for a good long while!

Forbidden Jelly Strain Medical Benefits

The potential medical benefits here echo those of the parent strains, especially when it comes to potentially help for those living with anxiety-related conditions. The symptoms of such issues may be softened by the combination of THC and the terpenes at play in this Forbidden Fruit x Jelly Breath strain.

Additionally, there have been reports to suggest Forbidden Jelly medical seeds may be effective in counteracting feelings of nausea. The effects of this strain relax the body and may potentially lessen the symptoms related to nausea.

How to Grow Forbidden Jelly Strain Seeds

Forbidden Jelly cannabis seeds are relatively easy to grow with a relatively small amount of effort necessary on the part of the grower. Nine weeks is the average flowering time here, with these feminized marijuana seeds rarely taking longer than 11 weeks from germination to reach the optimum point for harvesting.

Outdoor growers may want to use a greenhouse as these feminised seeds are only suitable for Mediterranean climates. As long as you do this, expect a heavy yield of lime green, beautiful smelling, trichome covered buds to be ready to go in early October.