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Macflurry x Pancake

by In House Genetics

Yielding stacks of sticky cannabis resin, Flap Jacks is a formidable marijuana hybrid from the In -House Genetics seed co that’s loaded with bag appeal and potent THC-dominant effects that’ll send your hunger into overdrive.

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Flap Jacks Strain Genetics

As with most In-House Genetics versions, Flap Jacks lineage differs from many other cultivars of a similar name, which can be a little confusing. This particular breakfast-themed treat combines Macflurry – an ice-creamy blend of MAC 1 and Slurricane #7 – and Pancake – not the traditional dessert strain, but a mix of London Pound Cake 75 and Kush Mints 11. This rare genetic blend has resulted in some rather funky character traits, making this mostly indica pheno a strain hunter’s delight.

Available as fem-photoperiod seeds from the MGS online store, Flap Jacks marijuana seeds offer potent stress relief, pungent gassy terps, and easy cannabis growth for all, leaving little reason not to try your hand growing at this unusual Kush cultivar.

Flap Jacks Terpene Profile

Flap Jacks flavour profile isn’t anything like the dessert it’s named after, but flavour hunters won’t be disappointed either. Pungent gassy terpenes that point to its Kush heritage and black cherry and blueberry notes are the most dominant flavours to be found, but there are also hints of mint, cookies ‘n cream, and skunk, with a slight sweetness on the exhale.

Flap Jacks dominant terpene is limonene. This aromatic hydrocarbon is best known for giving oranges their smell, but when mixed with other terpenes like caryophyllene, myrcene and humulene, it takes on completely different characteristics.

Flap Jacks Strain Effects

As a high THC, low CBD strain with a strong indica heritage, Flap Jacks effects tend towards the physical and creep up slowly and subtly before taking complete control of the body. Expect intense hunger and a heavy eye effect as all your worries wash away. Many users may struggle to unstick themselves from the couch, so if you’re particularly susceptible to sedative strains, or prefer the energy kick that comes with a sativa, this may not be the one for you.

Flap Jacks THC level hasn’t been tested, but both its parents have, and their levels range from 21-27%. Its sucker-punch approach might KO novice users, so this strain should be reserved for those with a long history of cannabis use and saved for the evening when it can be properly savoured.

Flap Jacks Strain Medical Benefits

It’s hard to find better comfort food than a fluffy stack of flapjacks, and, just like their namesake, Flap Jacks medical seeds can boost your mood with an immediate surge of serotonin. This is due to the action of THC and other cannabinoids, but also limonene terpenes, which make the strain ideal for the temporary and immediate relief of depression.

Like Kush Mints, appetite stimulation can also be counted among Flap Jacks medical benefits. Cannabis can increase the release of ghrelin – the hunger hormone – and this quality can be used effectively by those who struggle with nausea or eating disorders.

How to Grow Flap Jacks Strain

This strain’s MAC 1 parent is known to be a challenge to cultivate, and its growers were carefully selected by the breeder to protect the quality of its genetic line. In comparison, growing Flap Jacks cannabis seeds is easy as they will adapt to almost any growth environment and medium. Suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation and beginners and experts alike, this multi-branching cultivar makes a great candidate for SCROG, topping, and low-stress training. Techniques such as these may increase Flap Jack yields even further while also boosting its terpenic potential.

During its flowering period, growers can expect the rapid development of long, spear-like leaves and plenty of photogenic buds that are lousy with milky white trichomes. Gloves will be required when cutting and curing, as this plant almost seems like it’s been drenched in sticky syrup, but this will surely come as a delight to concentrate creators. Flap Jacks flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination, and, as with all In-House Genetics seed bank seeds, its yields are more than generous.