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Do-Si-Dos x Velvet Pie F2

by In House Genetics

Freshly baked by the In House Genetics crew, Dosi Pie is a little slice of heaven in indica-dominant form, bringing smokers lots of sweet and skunky flavours and professional-grade psychoactive power.

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Dosi Pie Strain Genetics

The Dosi Pie cannabis strain brings something extra to the In House Genetics seedbank’s ‘Black Cherry Pie line’. Classic Do-Si-Dos DNA has been blended with a rare Velvet Pie F2 – a BCP x Velvet Cookies cultivar – giving this strain an unusual fermented fruit flavour and fulfilling indica-dominant effects. Counting legends like OG Kush, GSC, and Afghani among its relatives, Dosi Pie lineage blends the best of both the kush and skunk family trees into a single hard-hitting strain.

Though not yet available as feminized seeds, Do-Si-Pie can now be purchased as regular seeds from the MGS online store, and its strong genetics make it a great candidate for both beginners and veteran growers. Easy to cultivate inside or out and delivering dispensary-quality product, why not try a slice of something a little different with this top-shelf cannabis cultivar?

Dosi Pie Terpene Profile

Dosi Pie aroma differs slightly from the iconic Dosidos. The typical sweet and fruity odours are still there but are accompanied by the sort of fermented funkiness you’d usually find from a Cheese strain. Its taste is similar, with earthy diesel and floral undertones giving way to a strong skunk taste that continues right through to the exhale, tickling the nose and throat.

Like its parent, Dosi Pie dominant terpene is alpha-pinene, but myrcene – the chemical primarily responsible for its skunky profile – also features in high concentrations. Caryophyllene – the Kush terpene – and limonene play a role as well, and together, these four terpenes – along with many others – help define the strain’s aromatic and psychoactive properties.

Dosi Pie Strain Effects

With a highly indica-dominant heritage, Dosi Pie effects are long-lasting and veteran-grade. Users may notice some sativa-typical effects like an uptick in cerebral function, aiding both concentration and creative thinking. Still, a strong body buzz is almost guaranteed from this high powered strain. Expect potent physical effects, ravenous hunger, and paralyzing feelings of sleepiness if consumed in high quantities. 

Dosi Pie potency is about what you’d expect from a strain of its calibre. Testing has shown its THC levels range between 18-24%, which classifies it as a high THC, low CBD strain and, as such, novice users should take caution when consuming. Experienced cannabis users can enjoy this strain in the mid-afternoon or early evening without any negative consequences. 

Dosi Pie Strain Medical Benefits

As a potent analgesic, Dosi Pie medical benefits are best used for treating headaches, chronic pain and physical injury. Neuropathic pain is a common symptom of fibromyalgia, and a side-effect of chemotherapy and cannabis is now being considered as a viable treatment for such conditions in favour of traditional opioids.

Dosi Pie medical seeds can also help patients with attention disorders like ADHD. Alpha-pinene is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that can aid memory and increase alertness; the perfect tonic for those who struggle to maintain focus and concentration.

How to Grow Dosi Pie Strain

When growing Dosi Pie cannabis seeds, cultivators won’t have to worry too much about a specific setup or environment, but it’s still important to show your plants a little TLC from time to time. Thriving well both indoors and out, expect medium-sized plants with dense buds, tons of trichomes, and rich purple colours throughout. Dosi Pie yields are average at best, but as the quality is so high, this more than makes up for smaller harvests. Topping is also an option for growers wanting to increase flower production as this Girl Scout Cookies cultivar responds well to this particular technique. 

The In House Genetics seed co ensures that almost all of their high-quality breeds are suitable for beginners or expert cultivators alike. These regular seeds are no exception and make an excellent choice for a first time grow and, as Dosi Pie flowering time is nine-ten weeks from germination, this gives you plenty of time to brush up your gardening skills during the process.