Buy Deluxe Sugar Cane strain seeds

Slurmint IX #7

by In House Genetics

Smokers with a sweet tooth will love this updated indica-leaning version of the In-House Genetics staple because when it comes to candy flavoured cannabis strains, Sugar Cane Deluxe takes the cake!

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Deluxe Sugar Cane Strain Genetics

Deluxe Sugar Cane marijuana seeds are a souped-up version of the In-House Genetics seed bank’s original Sugar Cane strain. Instead of the usual pairing of Slurricane X Platinum (aka Platinum Kush Mints), Deluxe Sugar Cane lineage can be traced to Slurmint IX #7, leading to even heavier resin production and a supercharged sugary flavour.

Now available as feminized seeds from the MGS online store and fantastic for first-time cultivators, why not sample the sweeter side of life with this fragrant and flavoursome indica-leaning hybrid.

Deluxe Sugar Cane Strain Terpene Profile

In-House Genetics Deluxe Sugar Cane flavour is about as sweet as they come. Its gassy terps and grape flavours have an overwhelming sugar candy quality to them. Its pleasant aroma is a little more earthy, with hints of spice and citrus coming through on the exhale, but it is still incredibly sweet.

Deluxe Sugar Cane dominant terpenes include limonene and myrcene, two of the most common aromatic compounds found in cannabis. Alpha-pinene, which is a major component of turpentine, also contributes to the character of this wonderful strains flavour and unique effects.

Deluxe Sugar Cane Strain Effects

Behind this strain’s sweet disposition lies a powerful psychoactive experience that novice users might find a little too intense. Despite its indica-leaning heritage, Deluxe Sugar Cane effects have plenty of sativa-dominant qualities and sneak up gradually, slowly building at the back of the head before unleashing in heady waves of mental euphoria, energy, and motivation. Eventually, its cerebral effects ease off, becoming more indica-influenced, as a feeling of ache-free calm and bliss washes over the body.

Many different cannabinoids play a role in defining a strain’s psychoactive potency, but THC is the cannabis plant’s secret weapon. Deluxe Sugar Cane THC level isn’t known, but the original Sugar Cane’s was measured at around 20%. It’s safe to say that its descendent follows suit, so avoid this Slurmint IX #7 x Platinum cross if you’re susceptible to highly potent THC dominant strains like this one. 

Deluxe Sugar Cane Strain Medical Benefits

Deluxe Sugar Cane medical seeds can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety through their calming effect on the central nervous system. This semi-sedative influence can help slow breathing, reduce dizziness and agitation, and mitigate the racing thoughts that often accompany a panic attack.

Alpha-Pinene also adds to Deluxe Sugar Cane medical benefits. This monoterpene can affect acetylcholinesterase levels – a class of compounds that are known to aid memory and increase alertness – in the body, which can be used to combat feelings of fatigue and conditions like ADHD. It can also help reduce the memory deficits commonly reported as a side-effect of THC consumption, all the more important in a high THC pheno such as this.

How to Grow Deluxe Sugar Cane Strain

Make no mistake – growing Deluxe Sugar Cane cannabis seeds is a must for extractors looking for huge returns. Purpose bred for its high resin production, the plant’s sugar-dusted, popcorn-shaped buds grow in minty green shades with wiry orange hairs revealing plenty of crystal white trichomes. Its darker olive fan leaves offer further colour variation, but growers should consider trimming these late in the flowering stage to boost yield and terpene production even further. 

Deluxe Sugar Cane flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination and may grow a little taller than other strains due to its hybridized genetics. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors with relative ease and responds well to many different growth mediums. Deluxe Sugar Cane yields have also been described by In-House Genetics as high to medium, making these fem seeds a pretty sweet deal in all aspects.