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Animal Cookies x Platinum GSC

by In House Genetics

A new take on a classic Cookies cut from the In-House Genetics seedbank, Crystal Cookies is an absolute gem for growers old and new and a shining example of what it takes to make a top-shelf indica-dominant hybrid.

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Crystal Cookies Strain Genetics

Crystal Cookies lineage is a mix of Animal Cookies and Platinum GSC (aka Platinum Cookies). The latter, a cup-winning combination of OG Kush, Durban Poison and an unknown third party, has often been described as the next evolution of Girl Scout Cookies, but this new arrival from In-House Genetics could offer its parent plant some swift competition. 

Growers can expect a rich bouquet of sweet and sour terps, hardy growth, and a rapid flowering time from these high-quality feminized seeds. Producing resilient, glistening plants, Crystal Cookies marijuana seeds make an eye-catching new addition to any growth setup and are available now from the MGS online store.

Crystal Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

Crystal Cookies aroma is dominated by the pungent scent of diesel and sweet hashish, a carryover from its Kush genetics. These hashy terpenes are also a major feature of its fabulous flavour, where they’re met with earthier scents, doughy cookie notes, and an aftertaste of hazelnut.

Crystal Cookies dominant terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. This sort of aromatic profile is common in Kush strains and the primary source of the pungency that has made them so popular among recreational consumers. Terpenes such as these also help modify many of the pheno’s formidable psychoactive effects.

Crystal Cookies Strain Effects

Crystal Cookies effects are intensely relaxing, but this cultivar also features euphoric properties more common to sativa strains. Opening with a boost of energy, mood, and creative inspiration, we recommend it for daytime use as its positive influence will stay with you for hours after consumption. Eventually, these stimulating effects will begin to wane, revealing the plant’s indica-dominant nature and making way for heavy physical relief and a sense of calm. 

Crystal Cookies THC levels are around 24% making it something of a heavyweight within the world of marijuana. It also boasts a CBD content of between 0.38-1.39%, which is slightly higher than this average strain. Though low-tolerance recreational users should steer clear of Crystal Cookies weed, medical marijuana patients may find its chemical composition the perfect combatant for fatigue and stress.

Crystal Cookies strain Medical Benefits

Crystal Cookies medical seeds promote relaxation and help cannabis users achieve to improve their mental state. Its mood-lifting properties can be attributed to its high THC content, as well as many minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Recent studies have shown high THC strains are effective at providing immediate relief from depression, unlike many traditional medications, which take much longer to work.

Its stimulating effects also can be used to combat chronic fatigue syndrome. CBD decreases the activity of brain cells called glia, which can trigger hypersensitivity of the nervous system. As such, Crystal Cookies medical benefits can be effectively utilized to provide a boost of energy when symptoms are especially strong.

How to Grow Crystal Cookies Strain

Yielding plenty of glittering trichome-covered buds befitting its name, growing Crystal Cookies cannabis seeds is a feast for all the senses and especially suitable for concentrate creators looking to boost the plant’s terpenic potential. Expect resilient, bushy plants with an indica typical appearance that are suitable for novices and expert gardeners alike. Growers seeking a quick turnaround won’t be disappointed either, as Crystal Cookies flowering time is a relatively short eight to nine weeks from germination.

Available as a feminised seed to make your job even easier, whether you prefer simple, organic outside farming or a more specialized indoor setup, this Kush cultivar will adapt and thrive in most environments. While we have no exact data on Crystal Cookies yields, all In-House seeds have been bred to offer bumper harvests and maximum stability, making their selections ideal for starting your cannabis cultivating odyssey.