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Black Cherry Pie x Tahoe OG

by In House Genetics

The perfect rainy day strain and a stellar addition to In-House Genetics ‘Black Cherry Pie’ line, Cherry Tahoe is a potent, versatile, and heavy yielding indica-dominant hybrid that offers a tasty new spin on a Californian indica classic.

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Cherry Tahoe Strain Genetics

By introducing DNA from one of Cali’s legendary indica strain’s into their bestselling Black Cherry Pie, the In-House Genetics seeds company have given birth to a brand new hybrid cannabis strain that yields big, punches hard, and tastes absolutely divine. Cherry Tahoe lineage combines genes from one of the seed bank’s uncompromising BCP male plants with Tahoe OG – a super strong and highly sought after indica-dominant strain with paralyzing sedative effects. As such, both growers and consumers can expect great things from this dispensary-quality strain.

Though this particular pheno is not yet available in feminized seeds or autoflowering variety, Cherry Tahoe marijuana seeds benefit from the stability of their tried and tested BCP parent, which has been thoroughly microbred to ensure stability, and are now available from the MGS online store as regular seeds. 

Cherry Tahoe Strain Terpene Profile

Cherry Tahoe flavour is sweet and fruity with berry accents and rich and spicy skunk qualities on the exhale. Its terpene profile is heavily informed by its Afghani ancestry, and consumers can expect the usual sour and earthy Kush flavours but with a sweet and pleasant cherry undertone.

Cherry Tahoe dominant terpenes include limonene and myrcene, with caryophyllene compounds giving the combination its peppery kick. This spicy aromatic compound is a significant component in the smell and taste of black pepper and also exhibits strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Cherry Tahoe Strain Effects

Cherry Tahoe effects share the same sedative strength that helped Tahoe OG (aka Tahoe OG Kush) make a name for itself amongst other AAA OG strains. Opening with a euphoric, uplifting sativa dominant kick to the brain that pushes away any negative thoughts, what follows is an intense feeling of indica-induced relaxation, which will eventually turn to sleepiness if consumption continues. 

Cherry Tahoe THC level can range between 24-25%, which is a lot higher than the average strain. Tahoe OG’s couch locking effects are legendary, and users can expect much the same from its heavy-handed descendent. We recommend recreational users avoid consuming this high THC, low CBD strain during the day and waiting for sundown at the earliest to savour its impact properly.

Cherry Tahoe Strain Medical Benefits

With its strong sedative effects in mind, Cherry Tahoe medical benefits are best suited for treating disruptive sleep disorders like insomnia. A recent study published in the Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology showed that myrcene hydrocarbons can have strong sleep-inducing effects through their action as a powerful motor relaxant. 

Further studies have shown excellent results when using myrcene as an analgesic or anti-inflammatory aid. Caryophyllene and cannabinoids like THC  have similar properties, and all three of these chemicals can be found in high levels within Cherry Tahoe medical seeds. This makes them an excellent choice for migraines, injury, and even chronic pain conditions. 

How to Grow Cherry Tahoe Strain

Growing Cherry Tahoe regular cannabis seeds indoors or outside are both viable options as this phenotype comes from a long line of hardy, weather-resistant afghan strains. Expect short and stocky indica-typical characteristics that make this cultivar an excellent choice for SOG cultivation, which involves growing multiple small plants in close proximity and forcing flowering early for maximum gains. Cherry Tahoe yields are already high, but techniques such as this may increase them even further.

Cherry Tahoe flowering time is around eight to nine weeks from germination, which is when its dense buds will begin to appear. Dank, elongated and with dark purple undertones, thick orange hairs, and a frosty coating of ice-white trichomes, resin extractors will have a glorious time making the most of these sticky terp and THC-rich nugs.