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Black Cherry Pie x Gorilla Glue #4

by In House Genetics

The latest recruit to In-House Genetics Black Cherry range, Cherry Gorilla F2 is a sweet and sour skunk hybrid with a monstrous indica kick and beautiful magenta-tinted flowers that make the perfect garden centrepiece. 

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Cherry Gorilla F2 Strain Genetics

A part of In-House Genetics celebrated Black Cherry Pie line, Cherry Gorilla F2 lineage combines this legendary Granddaddy Purple descendant with a classic Gorilla Glue #4 cultivar. Putting BCP’s delicious flavours and mind-melting effects into beast mode, this combination is the culmination of years of dedicated work from the In-House Genetics breeding department.

Cherry Gorilla F2 marijuana seeds currently only come in a regular format, but much time has been put into stabilizing its growth to ensure easy cultivation regardless of setup or experience. 

Cherry Gorilla F2 Strain Terpene Profile

Cherry Gorilla F2 aroma and flavour is fruity and alluring but also powerfully pungent. Sour Kush and chem scents are met with woody overtones and a smearing of tart blackberry, while it’s flavour brings all the classic cherry skunk tartness fans of its sweet Cherry Pie parent.

Although boasting high concentrations of myrcene and caryophyllene hydrocarbons, Cherry Gorilla F2 abundant terpenes also include alpha-pinene, a terpene that’s known to counter the unwanted effects of THC, soothe inflammation and increase the dynamic effects of other cannabis compounds.

Cherry Gorilla F2 Strain Effects

Cherry Gorilla F2 effects are packed with primal power! Black Cherry Pie’s strong indica-dominant effects are known for bringing physical relaxation while keeping the mind aloof and creative. With the added sticking power of Gorilla Glue, this strain’s sedative effects are even stronger while retaining the bright-eyed uplifting euphoria that’s a natural complement for indoor activities and relaxed evenings.

In-House Genetics haven’t revealed Cherry Gorilla F2 THC level, but it’s safe to say this pheno’s THC content can be compared to its closest relatives. Both have levels that range in the high teens, with GG4 sometimes pushing high as 22%, and this means couchlock can be a real concern with Cherry Gorilla weed. As such, we recommend saving this high THC, low CBD strain for pre-bedtime consumption. 

Cherry Gorilla F2 strain Medical Benefits

As a myrcene-rich cultivar that’s also THC dominant, Cherry Gorilla F2 medical benefits are highly effective. Both of these terpenes are known to depress the central nervous system, resulting in strong sedative effects that can be used to alleviate sleep disorders like insomnia. Their influence is amplified even further by the entourage effect, a phenomenon where active compounds in cannabis work in synergy work to produce higher-powered results.

The sedative effects of cannabis can also help to alleviate stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels. Furthermore, alpha-pinene terpenes are known to negate some of the adverse effects of THC, which often include paranoia, making Cherry Gorilla F2 medical seeds especially suitable for those who are anxiety-prone or particularly sensitive to this psychoactive compound.

How to Grow Cherry Gorilla F2 Strain

This is a second-generation cannabis strain that’s been stabilized to ensure high yields and vigorous, robust growth, which makes growing Cherry Gorilla F2 cannabis seeds all the more rewarding. Though an indica-dominant variety, it tends towards the taller side and may respond well to topping, SOG or SCROG setups, but if you’re more of a traditionalist, rest assured that all of In -House Genetics award-winning seeds are suitable for indoor or outdoor growth.

Cherry Gorilla F2 flowering time is 8-9 weeks from germination, and during this period, growers may begin to notice subtle magenta hues appearing throughout its beautiful bud structure. Growers wanting to boost its terpene profile should also consider increasing temperatures at this stage for maximum gains. Alternatively, LST can increase terpene production and also help to bump Cherry Gorilla F2 yield even further.