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ZCube 4 x Sweet Cherry Pie

by In House Genetics

An indica/sativa hybrid from In-House Genetics, Cavity Kush (available as regular seeds from our dispensary) boasts an impressive lineage and spectacularly potent effects.

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Cavity Kush Strain Genetics

Both sides of Cavity Kush cannabis seeds’ genetics are well suited to the name, with sugar-sweet flavours mixed with potent Kush and Girl Scout Cookies genetics. On one side, you have ZCube 4 (Zkittlez x OG Kush and then crossed with Zkittles again), while the other side comes from Sweet Cherry Pie (OG Kush Breath AKA OGKB x Black Cherry Pie).

For the newbie, that seems like a lot of complexity, but any cannaisseur will tell you that all this heritage means is that you are going to have an absolute treat with this marijuana strain. A heritage steeped in bonafide Cali classics with some nice, unexpected additions thrown in, expect excellent growing traits as well as astoundingly succulent flavours!

Cavity Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Expect an array of aromas and tastes to tickle your senses with this delectable hybrid weed strain from In-House Genetics – Cavity Kush. Tingles of citrus fruits and cherries come via the fruitiest of the terpenes, limonene, while the sweet yet spicy dominance on the inhale comes via the spicy terpene, caryophyllene.

The Kush side of the genetics provides those classic earthy flavours on the exhale and those herbal aromas that take over your grow room, provided by myrcene, the classic terpene that brings those skunk-like vibes to the fore.

Cavity Kush Strain Effects

The effects of this indica-dominant cannabis strain are prime Kush, with a full-body relaxation coupled with a euphoric, uplifted mental state that should stave off any risk of couch-lock. Just the happiest buzz in the world, complete with sporadic fits of giggles and a smile that a surgeon would struggle to remove from your face!

The perfect early evening strain, you won’t get tired too soon here, with the long-lasting, high THC buzz playing the perfect sidekick to a night of in-depth conversations before finally preparing your mind for a dream-filled sleep.

Cavity Kush Strain Medical Benefits

There are myriad potential benefits here, thanks to the rich lineage of popular medical cannabis strains. One of the main reported advantages of the parent strains, which seems to have been inherited here, is the relief of stress-related symptoms associated with day-to-day life or anxiety-based conditions. The cannabinoids and terpenes work together here to support the body in alleviating stress and lifting mood.

Another potential Cavity Kush medical benefit is in supporting loss of appetite, creating feelings of hunger by working hand in hand with the endocannabinoid system. Particularly useful for those dealing with a lack of appetite following an operation, as pain relief is possible, too!

How to Grow Cavity Kush Strain Seeds

Growing Cavity Kush cannabis seeds is an easy process for indoor and outdoor growers. Inside, expect a fast flowering time of as little as eight weeks from germination with little to no effort from the gardener at all. Change the light, maybe trim the odd branch, and that’s where your effort ends. Your limited work will be rewarded with a high yield of fluffy, heavy buds on these cannabis plants.

If you’re choosing outside or a greenhouse for growing these regular seeds (feminized seeds and autoflower variants not currently offered), then be aware of the elements. Outside of warm, dry climates that stay that way towards the end of the year, you want to keep things covered here. As long as you do that, expect a legitimate forest of beautiful smelling nugs coated in crystal trichomes to be ready to harvest around the 1st or 2nd week of October!