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Cactus OG x 00KB

by In House Genetics

The prickly pear-shaped star of In-House Genetics new Cactus line, Cactus OG, is an original indica-dominant hybrid with a piney citrus flavour, heavy physical effects, and supercharged genetics.

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Cactus OG Strain Genetics

The godfather of In-House Genetics new Cactus line, Cactus OG lineage, is a little confusing but also incredibly powerful. To create this special spin on the Cactus phenotype, the seedbank have blended an original Cactus OG plant with 00KB (aka 00 Kush Breath) – a supercharged cut of OG Kush Breath and Secret Weapon. 

Resulting in a mostly indica-dominant hybrid that retains the strange growth pattern of its parent, but with added stability and power, Cactus OG marijuana seeds are available now from MGS as regular seeds and offer an easy and low-maintenance cultivating experience for commercial or domestic cannabis growers.

Cactus OG Strain Terpene Profile

The original Cactus strain (sometimes known as Cactus Breath or Cactus OG) has a tangy and sweet flavour profile punctuated by earthy scents, citrus, and pine. In-House Genetics Cactus OG aroma and flavour follows a similar pattern but paired with the berry and hazelnut overtones of 00 Kush Breath and a subtle touch of vanilla for good measure.

Cactus OG dominant terpenes include common or garden cannabis terpenes like myrcene and limonene, but also rarer compounds like terpinolene, nerolidol and guaiol. Along with alpha-pinene, this latter terpene takes credit for the strain’s refreshing piney scent, which helps protect the plant from insects.

Cactus OG Strain Effects

Cactus OG effects benefit from the strain’s strong indica heritage, which includes landrace strains like Afghani and long term marijuana favourites like Northern Lights. Adept at relieving pain, putting the body at ease and promoting feelings of contentment, some users may also experience more sativa-influenced effects and an initial burst of euphoric energy before tiredness and couchlock set it.

Although no official data exists, it’s safe to assume Cactus OG THC levels match those of its high THC, low CBD parent plant. The original Cactus OG – first bred by Jordan of the Islands – boasts a THC content of around 21% and is famed for its phenomenal indica effects. Novice users should proceed with caution when consuming Cactus OG weed or avoid it altogether in favour of a milder cannabis strain.

Cactus OG Strain Medical Benefits

Cactus OG medical benefits include pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. This makes it especially effective for chronic conditions or for helping the body to recover and repair after injury or surgical procedures.

The unique chemical composition of Cactus OG medical seeds also makes them great for inducing sleep. Nerolidol, guaiol, and myrcene all have sedative properties and, when paired with the strain’s high THC content, can offer patients the restful and relaxed mindset that’s often required to overcome insomnia.

How to Grow Cactus OG Strain

Growing Cactus OG cannabis seeds doesn’t require a lot of expertise or previous horticultural knowledge. Gardeners of all abilities can get results from these regular seeds with minimal effort, although for commercial crops, we recommend an indoor setup that utilizes the SOG or SCROG method. 

Sharing the knobbly growth pattern of its parent, Cactus OG flowering time is between 8-9 weeks from germination. During this period of its growth cycle, plenty of pear-shaped, neon-green buds will begin to form, leading to more than ample harvests after cutting and curing. While might not be spiny like its namesake, it is a super sticky, trichome-covered cultivar and an excellent choice for concentrate creators seeking high producing plants that yield lots of cannabis resin.