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Dosidos x Cactus

by In House Genetics

A new release from In-House Genetics’ award-winning range of cannabis seeds, Cactido mixes the strangely-shaped Cactus cultivar with a Cookie classic to form a potent indica-dominant variety that won’t leave you feeling prickly. 

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Cactido Strain Genetics

Cactido lineage combines classic Dosidos DNA with Cactus – an unusual-looking indica strain named for its knobbly bud structure. Sometimes known as Cactus Og, Cactus Kush or even Cactus Breath, this High Times Cannabis Cup winning cultivar was originally born from Northern Lights and Afghani and is now a firm favourite of Seattle’s cannabis community.

These two top-shelf strains have given Cactido marijuana seeds all the attributes required to produce healthy, THC-heavy plants of the highest quality. Available from MGS as regular or feminized seeds, why not try your hand at taming this cactus-shaped cannabis champion?

Cactido Strain Terpene Profile

Cactido aroma is organic, earthy and with a slight hint of tangy citrus. In terms of flavour, consumers can look forward to a similar profile, accentuated with sweet citrus, pine and refreshing floral notes that tickle the nose and throat.

Cactido has a rich and interesting terpene profile that includes many rarer aromatic compounds. Though Cactido dominant terpenes are myrcene and limonene, less common hydrocarbons like terpinolene, ocimene and alpha-pinene are also present, giving this strain even greater medical potential.

Cactido Strain Effects

Cactido effects are indica-dominant on account of its Afghani roots. Some users report it as having energizing sativa-like effects, but most will experience strong physical relaxation, increased appetite, and gentle euphoria to calm the mind. 

Though Cactido THC level is yet to be revealed by the breeder, Cactus – its high powered parent – has quite the reputation. Some tests have reported THC levels as high as 32%, making it one of the most potent strains we’ve encountered. As such, In House Genetics’ Cactido weed is not meant for beginners.

Cactido strain Medical Benefits

Cactido medical seeds are packed with curative potential. Like CBD, ocimene is a known anticonvulsant and may help combat seizures in patients with epilepsy. All of the strain’s dominant terpenes possess anti-inflammatory properties, which can help sprains and injuries to heal as well as ease chronic conditions.

Cactido medical benefits can also be applied to sleep disorders like insomnia. When combined, myrcene and THC form a powerful sedative, which may help sleep-deprived patients find the good night’s rest they’ve been looking for.

How to Grow Cactido Strain

The addition of Dosidos genetics has resulted in an incredibly robust cultivar, and like it’s Cactus parent, its buds grow in a conical, pear-cactus formation. Blooming in dark forest shades with translucent amber hairs and a fine layer of milky trichomes, concentrate connoisseurs can look forward to plenty of sticky cannabis resin from this high producing plant. The Cactido strain flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination but may take a little longer in an outdoor environment. 

Growing Cactido seeds inside or out are both equally profitable options. This is a resilient cultivar that responds well to most environments but will deliver giant harvests if treated with special care. Those wanting to boost Cactido yields even further should consider a SOG or SCROG setup.