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Blue Sherbert x Banana OG

by In House Genetics

Bluenana is a feminized, indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain from the In-House Genetics seed company. A blend of Cookies and Kush strains, this high THC offering has a host of tantalising flavours and provides a plethora of pleasurable effects.

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Bluenana Strain Genetics

In-House Genetics Bluenana cannabis seeds are a genetic melding of the sweet and moreish Blue Sherbert (Blue Cookies x Sunset Sherbert) and the fruity, earthy Banana OG (OG Kush x Banana). With all that GSC and Kush in the background, you know you’re in for a treat here.

This is not a cannabis strain that is intimidated by its seedbank mainstay parents either. All the finest traits from the parents and grandparents come together here, including the array of sensational flavours and aromas, an uplifting yet relaxing buzz, and growing characteristics that suit the grower.

Bluenana Strain Terpene Profile

The Bluenana flavour and aroma profile can be best described as classic, mixing sweet and sour, fruit and spicy to significant effect. It is the dominant terpenes that provide these sensations, with the earthy, old-school, herbal flavour coming from the most abundant of all the cannabis terpenes, myrcene.

Also playing their part are caryophyllene, responsible for that slightly peppery tingle that tickles the tonsils on the inhale, and limonene, the provider of that fruity goodness that lingers on the lips on exhale. It may be a classic terp combination, but it works to a whole next level here with a stunning range of Gelato, Banana, Cherry Pie, and Blueberry-tinted flavours.

Bluenana Strain Effects

Euphoric, relaxing buzzes are the best buzzes, and that’s precisely what you’ll get from this delectable hybrid cannabis. A hearty dose of happiness-inducing energy will scintillate the mind within minutes of your first exhale, while a full-body buzz creating that much-deserved sense of all-over chill will hit at about the same time.

This stunning combination makes this a pretty malleable In-House Genetics Seed Co strain, a good choice for just after work, after dinner, or just before bed. Cannaisseurs with some experience with strains with such a high THC level (around 22%) may even find this to be a suitable daytime strain, keeping a smile on your face during your daily chores.

Bluenana Strain Medical Benefits

Despite a low CBD level, there are numerous potential medical benefits of this high indica, low sativa strain, including the possible relief of stress and anxiety. Those with stress-related conditions and those looking to unwind after a rough day say that this Blue Sherbert x Banana OG strain can alleviate much of the weight on the shoulders that can come from stress symptoms. 

Another cannabinoid and terp combination, this time with THC and caryophyllene, brings the potential to relieve joint pain related to vigorous exercise, chronic pain conditions, etc. This marijuana strain may also work with the body to reduce the effects of joint pain, including the severity and longevity of symptoms.

How to Grow Bluenana Strain Seeds

With a flowering time that is rarely less than ten weeks from germination, these are not the fastest flowering marijuana seeds, but the high yield one receives from waiting that little bit longer makes it all well worth it! SOG and SCROG methods both work well here, with nothing more than the occasional pruning and the odd check for mould and mildew needed on the part of the grower.

For greenhouse gardeners and outdoor growers in warm climates, expect a harvest time around mid-October from these fem seeds (regular seeds not currently offered), with a forest of stunning buds meeting you at that time. Lime green, with orange and purple hues, covered in trichomes (great for resin extraction) and smelling of fruits and sweet candy.