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Nitro x Purple Hulk

by In House Genetics

Heavy yielding, fast flowering regular seeds from In House Genetics, Black Nitro is a new name making a big impact. This earthy tasting, indica-dominant hybrid packs a powerful punch thanks to its high THC level and turbocharged buzz.

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Black Nitro Strain Genetics

Black Nitro cannabis seeds are the product of marrying Nitro (Gas Mask x Animal Cookies) with Purple Hulk (Granddaddy Purple x Big Bud) for some of the most Kush-heavy genetics you’re ever likely to find. There are some excellent indica/sativa traits handed down through this prestigious family tree, including a high THC content and big buds thanks to the lineage of… well, Big Bud!

With grandparents like Animal Cookies and Great-Grandparents, including seedbank legend Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), you can safely assume you’ve got a host of exciting flavours to look forward to here, and this marijuana strain is not going to disappoint!

Black Nitro Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of this cannabis strain is the reason for the rich and intricate flavours and aromas that emanate from this herbal beauty. The earthy, classic Kush and Skunk basecoat, especially when it comes to the scent, comes from myrcene, the terpene responsible for that ‘weed smell’ we all know and love.

Additionally, there is that sweet and fruity blend with a little bit of spice that’s reminiscent of the best GSC strains and is provided here (as there) by the combination of two dominant terpenes, limonene and caryophyllene.

Black Nitro Strain Effects

Indica typical effects are turned up to a new level here, with an initial cerebral, uplifting high for the mind. This is followed by an intensely relaxing full-body buzz which, while avoiding couch lock, does take a lot of temptation away from the concept of standing up!

Tingles throughout the joints and muscles can be felt as the pressures and stresses drift away on an unseen herbal breeze, leaving you kicking back comfortably in a euphoric mood, ready to chat away with good buddies (or indeed perfect strangers) until the early hours of the morning if a beautiful night’s sleep doesn’t catch you first!

Black Nitro Strain Medical Benefits

With the terpenes present in this cannabis strain working hand in hand with the high THC content (tipping over 22% in most cases), one of the main potential medical benefits is pain relief. Binding to cannabinoid receptors, the cannabinoids and terps (namely caryophyllene) may support the body’s pain response and lessen the effects of certain chronic pain conditions.

Also, it has been reported by consumers that this cannabis strain, as its parents before it (Nitro particularly), may have the ability to support those living with short-term and long-term anxiety conditions, lessening the severity and duration of bouts of symptoms.

How to Grow Black Nitro Strain Seeds

Producing high-quality yields of dark green, trichome covered buds in as little as eight weeks from germination (and rarely more than 10) a true beginner-friendly strain. SCROG or SOG methods will work a treat here, and the plants grow thick and compact, with little need for pruning of the top or side branches.

Outdoor growers should know these regular marijuana seeds (feminized and autoflowering seeds not currently available) are very picky about the weather, so outside of hot climates, a greenhouse is recommended to ensure optimal results, and the results truly are optimal! Expect high yields of thick, dense buds, letting you know they’re ready to go (around early October) when a forest of tiny orange hairs appears under the crystal resin covering.