Buy Black Cherry Punch strain seeds

Purple Punch x Black Cherry Pie

by In House Genetics

A potent, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from In-House Genetics, Black Cherry Punch is a relaxing high THC strain brimming with sweet cherry flavours.

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Black Cherry Punch Strain Genetics

Cannaisseurs have probably figured out the genetics based on the name here, but just in case, these fem seeds are the product of the mix of seedbank favourite Purple Punch (Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple) and Black Cherry Pie (Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie). That’s some deep heritage, with enough Kush, Afghani, and African strains to guarantee you’re in for a treat.

Even given the impressive family tree, however, this high THC level (over 20%) strain will surprise you with its quality. Taking the traits of its parents (from sweet flavours to fast flowering times) and blending them to create a new, unique strain that could contend for the crown of its much-loved Cannabis Cup winning ancestors.

Black Cherry Punch Strain Terpene Profile

Sweet cherry overtones with a base coat of floral goodness and herbal wonder, the Black Cherry Punch flavour and aroma profile is quite the experience for even the most experienced veteran. The sweet and fruity dominant flavours here come from a blend of limonene and caryophyllene, that classic Cookies combo that brings that baked goods flavour.

Under that, you’ll find an earthy, old-school aroma (created by myrcene), floral, sweet touches (provided by linalool), and piney vibes (from pinene). This wide range of influences brings an original tone to both the taste and smell here, and in both cases, it’s the kind you’ll remember as soon as you experience it and will swiftly want to revisit!

Black Cherry Punch Strain Effects

A fantastic night-time strain. The mind and body have two fairly different experiences with this marijuana strain, but they complement each other beautifully. For the mind, you’ll get a sense of full relaxation, a euphoric, tranquil vibe that feels like a soft pillow for the inside of your head!

The body gets its own experience, one characterised by an all-over tingle, creating an uplifting feeling from the toes upwards. Combined, these effects create for a chill but very chatty mood, conducive to a long night of conversation with friends before the high THC level finally takes you off into deep and wonderful sleep. 

Black Cherry Punch Strain Medical Benefits

As a new strain, there are limited reports from consumers of this hybrid strain. But it says a lot that there’s already a decent amount of information on the medical benefit potential, especially for those living with insomnia. The uplifting yet relaxing effects of the terp and cannabinoid combination are said to be a great assistance when it comes to drifting off to dreamland and supporting a full night’s sleep without sporadic waking episodes.

Additionally, the high THC combined with the terps present offer the potential to support the relief of stress-related symptoms related to anxiety-based disorders or short-term effects from a difficult emotional period. 

How to Grow Black Cherry Punch Strain Seeds

Black Cherry Punch feminized cannabis seeds are not the fastest-growing, usually taking 10-12 weeks from germination, but boy is it ever worth the wait! With the odd dose of pruning, a high yield of emerald green buds, dotted with orange pistils and purple tones, and coated in a thick coat of trichomes, will greet you come harvest time.

For outdoor growers, be aware these cannabis plants do not enjoy being exposed to the elements, so we recommend planting these feminised seeds in a greenhouse. Relatively resistant to mould and spider mites, these plants should treat you well from there and provide a forest of stunning buds by the second week of October, ready to provide you with the ultimate Christmas treat, if you can make it last that long, which isn’t easy with this exceptional strain!