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00KB x Black Cherry Pie

by In House Genetics

Breathing new life into a classic OG Kush offshoot, Black Cherry Breath is an In-House Genetics indica/sativa hybrid with spicy stone fruit flavours and an invigorating indica kick.

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Blacky Cherry Breath Strain Genetics

Part of In-House Genetics brand new Black Cherry Pie x line, Black Cherry Breath lineage blends the seed bank’s fruity Cookies favourite with the indica strain 00 Kush Breath. The latter, an OG Kush Breath cross that’s been supercharged with Secret Weapon, provides its punishing indica high, while BCP – a Cherry Pie x Blackberry Kush blend – helps sweeten the strain’s flavour profile, deepen its purple hues, and provide a more balanced psychoactive experience for users old and new.

Black Cherry Breath marijuana seeds are not available as a feminized variety, but these regular seeds can still be successfully grown with relative ease by gardeners of all abilities. Available now from the MGS online store, their stellar results might just take your breath away!

Black Cherry Breath Strain Terpene Profile

Black Cherry Breath flavour and aroma blend the best bits of Cookies and Kush together in one delectable cannabis strain. Sweet berries and sour cherry flavours combine with vanilla, mango, and black pepper, while an undertone of diesel, skunk, and exotic spice stands as an ever-present reminder of its OG Kush ancestor.

Black Cherry Breath dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene, which make for a really effective partnership. These chemicals also provide many of the strain’s painkilling properties and the heavy sedative effects that can accompany excessive consumption.

Black Cherry Breath Strain Effects

Black Cherry Breath effects are comparable with other afghani-derived strains, or indeed any landrace indica variety. Featuring similar numbing properties that rapidly put the body into relaxation mode, users can expect a pleasant tingling sensation that moves from head to toe and back again. With overuse, couchlock is likely to ensue, so make sure to moderate carefully or ready yourself for an early night.

Black Cherry Breath THC levels are yet to be analyzed but In-House Genetics consider it a THC dominant strain. Based upon its parents’ profiles, its THC content could reach anything as high as 24%, so while veterans can breathe easy, novice users should prepare themselves for a heavy-hitting psychoactive experience.

Black Cherry Breath strain Medical Benefits

When it comes to their curative potential, Black Cherry Breath medical seeds are a great allrounder. Their unique cannabinoid and terp content makes them perfect for managing pain and chronic physical conditions. When caryophyllene, THC and CBD work together, they create a powerful analgesic effect that can work wonders on the body.

The strain’s high myrcene content also gives it additional medical benefits, which are especially useful for those who struggle with sleep disorders. This terpene has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system and, when consumed in high enough doses, will give patients the kind of sedative assistance required to reset sleeping patterns and help combat insomnia.

How to Grow Black Cherry Breath Strain

Growing Black Cherry Breath cannabis seeds doesn’t require a lot of expert knowledge. Any horticulturist worth their salt should have few problems achieving successful results from this easy growing, resilient strain. Black Cherry Breath flowering time is around seven-nine weeks from germination, after which its bushy, indica-dominant offerings will begin to bloom in deep purple shades, particularly if introduced to colder temperatures late in the growth cycle.

As a highly resinous cultivar, growers should wear gloves when cutting and curing to avoid a sticky situation and letting those precious terps go to waste. Suitable for indoor or outdoor growth, there are plenty of techniques like LST that growers can use to boost trichome production, which is highly recommended if you’re planning on extracting resin.

Information on Black Cherry Breath yields is unavailable, but In-House Genetics ensure with these regular seeds working for you, big harvests are just around the corner.