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Purple Punch x Slurricane #22

by In House Genetics

Steeped in intriguing genetics, Big Drip is an indica dominant hybrid from the popular seed company In House Genetics. Notable for its candy-sweet, fruit flavours, high THC level, and immensely relaxing high.

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Big Drip Strain Genetics

Big Drip cannabis seeds are the result of blending one of the new school of seedbank classics, Purple Punch (Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple), with one of In House Genetics trademark strains, Slurricane #22. From one side, blueberry scented fruitiness, from the other, the sweetness of a toffee apple dipped in sugar, with a hearty dose of grape tones from all sides of the Cali lineage.

As well as medical marijuana potential, this hybrid cannabis also benefits from a similar growth pattern to its parents, including a fast flowering time and traits that are friendly to the grower. Everything you want from a weed strain, you’ll find it here!

Big Drip Strain Terpene Profile

Big Drip´s terpene profile is the reason for the array of flavours that tickles the tongue and throat, with the fruity, tangy nuances on the exhale being the responsibility of limonene and the spicy sweetness on the inhale coming via caryophyllene.

There’s also a classic, kush and skunk-like herbal aroma that fills the room after exhale, and that’s due to the omniscient cannabis terp, myrcene. It’s a classic combination, but it rarely tastes this sweet!

Big Drip Strain Effects

The effects of this potent cannabis strain provide a one-two punch of the most beautiful kind. First, the mind is taken on a peaceful, tranquil journey, drifting into a state of euphoric chill, followed soon after by a full-body buzz with caresses the limbs and joints and creates a sense of total relaxation that you can sink into for hours.

An after-dinner strain, if there ever was one, once you’re done with your duties for the day, lie back and let the buzz of this fine and fruity phenomenon carry you gently through the rest of the night and towards deep and dream-filled sleep.

Big Drip Strain Medical Benefits

Both Purple Punch and Slurricane are said to provide sleep support for those living with insomnia, and that potential medical benefit is reported to have been passed down through the lineage here. The high THC content (around 20%) binds to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, along with caryophyllene, to aid the body’s sleep response and assist not only with getting to sleep but also staying asleep.

There are also reports that Big Drip medical benefits may include a reduction in nausea, whether due to illness or for many other reasons. Settling the stomach while it relaxes the mind, this strain may also limit minor body aches, which can be associated with bouts of nausea.

How to Grow Big Drip Strain Seeds

Available in easy to grow feminized seeds, the Big Drip strain has a pleasingly swift flowering time of as little as eight weeks from germination for indoor growers, although nine is more likely (which is still pretty quick!). A strong yield of trichome coated buds can be expected at harvest time when using either SOG or SCROG growing methods.

For those growing these fem seeds outdoors or in greenhouses, expect an early October harvest (1st-2nd week) again, with a hefty yield of stunning looking nugs. With a sweet scent of grape dominating the air weeks before harvest time, you’ll be chomping at the bit to test this spectacular strain by the time it’s ready!