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Animal Cookies x Platinum Blueberry Kush

by In House Genetics

A delicious blend of sweet berries and cookies flavours, Animal Blues is a colourful indica-dominant hybrid cannabis cultivar from In-House Genetics and the perfect prescription for your daily blues.

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Animal Blues Strain Genetics

Animal Blues marijuana seeds are the product of a beautiful union between a perennial favourite from the Cookies family and a fruity kush cultivar. Animal Cookies and Platinum Blueberry Kush have each contributed DNA, giving their offspring its berry muffin terps, heavy-hitting psychoactive powers, and unrivalled bag appeal.

When cultivating a hybridized cannabis strain, it’s important to look at the relatives to know what to expect. Animal Blues lineage is definitely a cut above the rest and with these regular seeds from the In-House Genetics seed bank, you can rely on years of micro-breeding expertise.

Animal Blues Strain Terpene Profile

Animal Blues aroma is fruity and sour with the heady diesel kick that accompanies many of its Kush relatives like Durban Poison and the indomitable OG Kush. Expect blueberry, blackberry, and black cherry flavours, earthy biscuit notes from Girl Scout Cookies, and a sour skunk tang when the flowers are broken up. In terms of taste, Animal Blues weed produces an acrid, pungent smoke that will tickle the nose and throat, with tangy citrus flavours on the exhale.

Myrcene is the main chemical that’s responsible for the sour skunky aroma of the cannabis plant, but Animal Blues abundant terpenes also include caryophyllene and alpha-pinene. When combined in various concentrations, these unsaturated hydrocarbons produce unique aroma profiles designed to protect the plant and attract pollinating insects.

Animal Blues Strain Effects

Like most indica dominant hybrids, Animal Blues effects creep up slowly, leaving the mind in a haze and the body loose and limber. Consumers may experience mild visual and auditory hallucinations as they’re plunged into an altered headspace, making this strain the perfect accompaniment to music or movies. It won’t offer much else in terms of mental stimulation, but this can be an added benefit for those susceptible to the more disorientating feelings that can come from a low THC tolerance.

As its relaxing effects are quite sedating, those wanting a productive and focused psychoactive experience should seek out a more stimulating sativa strain with a high THC, low CBD balance. Animal Blues THC levels average between 21-23% but it’s still a good option for novices and should be saved for nighttime consumption when its effects can be properly savoured. 

Animal Blues Strain Medical Benefits

Marijuana is a known mood enhancer as THC can help stimulate serotonin production. As such, Animal Blues medical seeds may be your perfect prescription for the daily blues and just the cultivar you need to chase away those feelings of depression

Animal Blues medical benefits also include its potent sleep-inducing properties. Myrcene is known as the tranquillizing terpene and exudes a strong sedative effect that, when combined with THC, makes strains like this ideal for treating insomnia and other forms of somnipathy.

How to Grow Animal Blues Strain

Growing Animal Blues cannabis seeds in the great outdoors can be a great option but they’ll need a hot and humid climate with consistent daytime sunlight for successful results. Indoor growth is also possible and these regular seeds will thrive in most growth mediums. We have no exact information about Animal Blues yields, but as this is a short strain with strong branches and minimal stretch, we recommend using techniques like LTS or topping to increase your overall harvests to the maximum.

Animal Blues flowering time is eight-nine weeks from germination and at this time, growers will notice blue and purple hues beginning to appear within its forest green nugs loaded with trichomes. These are due to anthocyanin pigments, which are activated naturally by the beginning of winter, so those looking to boost its bag appeal should drop the temperature late in the growth cycle.